Hey guys, just wondering about ambitions because I’m bored, does anyone have any?

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yup. i want to become a web designer (hopefully) and i want to be rich and live in new hampshire and own a mansion. i hope it works out.:nerd:

if that doesnt work… i want to be a professional couch potato.(-: :nerd: :stuck_out_tongue: =)

I want to be a Navy SEAL…

Finish school =)

Good question. My ambition is that 90 years from now, I can look back at my life without being haunted by regrets, missed opportunites, or worries. Basically, my ambition is to be happy - if I can manage to do that, everything else will fall into place.

Kirupa :cyclops:

my mom has them written down somewhere…lemme just dig them up…

ok here we go:

I go to school at MIT and Jr. year i go overseas to study. come back finish school and get a degree in technology. then my mom and i start a consulting company. then i go back and get a degree in mangemetn and she leaves the company to me…

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**I want to be a Navy SEAL… **

Really? My cousin is an officer in the Seals… crazy sh*t man!!


one of my goals is to pass math. haha=)

:o and you want to be a scripter? Science and math dude…

im passing science with a 88=) but i am getting my math grade up though:P

I wouldn’t mind being a scientist. I LOVE SCIENCE! I always got an A in science, mostly because I learned everything I needed know in it by the time I was 10, but you know…

I want to be a Graphic/Web Designer, but I also want to be a programmer. Torn betwen the two sides of the computer world :frowning:

Overall ambitions… I have none.

w00t Ryall… What’s this guys number, I got some questions for him… :rambo:

avoid getting married and having kids. :slight_smile:

other than that, just to be happy and live without regrets.

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**w00t Ryall… What’s this guys number, I got some questions for him… :rambo: **

He wouldn’t answer them… heck his wife doesnt know where he is most of the time. When he got promoted (the first time to an officer like 10 years ago) he told me the most nuts stuff I’ve heard… and that was lame according to him, apparently the things he cant tell anyone are crazy.


Yeah, it’s crazy life. It’s where my heart has been set for a while though.

One day, though, I will be able to go back and see the faces of everyone along the road that has told me I’ll never make it…

It’s off, now…


It’s off?

Sh*t… Posted on the wrong one…

ok, but yea… this is definately the wrong thread…