American Psycho

I just watched this movie for the first time on tv of all places over the weekend. I was wondering, so did he actually kill anyone? Was there even a cop, did he go out with his secretary? Or was almost everything in his mind?

That movie still confuses me as well. I think he did kill everyone that he did. I believe the point of the movie was that in the hustle and bustle of the business world that Bateman belonged to, everything’s moving so fast, everyone dresses the same way, acts the same way, and is pretty much the same, you start confusing people with others.

Bateman wanted to be different and to stand out, which is why he started murdering those people. He failed when he realized that nobody saw the difference in anything he did; the guy who had the lunch with one of his “victims” in London must have confused the victim with some other guy, convinced that he was alive. I think the writers even mentioned this somewhere.

They could’ve made a bigger difference with the movie if they revealed a lot more details. The movie was pretty much stopped abruptly in my opinion.

I have to watch it again.

one of my favourite movies but it still confuses me and I’ve seen it a million times, maybe I’m just slow :drool:

I will say though that Christain Bale’s performance is fantastic, really puts my mind at rest for when he plays Batman in the future. :thumb:

I agree, he is a great person to be playing Batman.

As for the movie, it was was gross! This was more of Fester’s type of movie I think :slight_smile:

The underlying story is awsome, and I have never heard it explained like Theo did - very well done.

My favorite parts of that movie are the whole Business Card scenes… priceless.

Thanks I can see your take the on the story too. I agree after shooting the lady at the ATM thats when I got confused because it ended too soon. At one point it reminded me of the Matrix or that similar movie with Tom Cruise. It seemed like he replayed the scene between the guard at the desk right after he shot the police cars and they blew up.

I’m leaning towards it being in his mind though. Or maybe even a daydream or a nightmare. You know how in your dreams you try to make yourself more than what you are and have them work out to how you want them to end. I think he was waking up once he shot the lady.

Explain that part to me? I just didn’t get that scene. Was that hand jester an invitation?

I’ll probably go around saying, “I have to return some video tapes”, for the next week.

His best performance was when he called his lawyer and confessed I thought. I was laughing at that part and wasn’t sure if I should be. I mean I like dark movies but all the blood and gore was a bit over the top.

The dropping of the chainsaw part was pretty cool though.

I love this movie :beam:
I just bought it on a DVD-sale too :beam:

I loved his reviews of CD’s he was listening to, particulary to poor Paul Allen when he’s taking pills, wearing a raincoat and holding an axe still talking about Huey Lewis and the News.

By the way I think the part when he shot the security guard and then the cleaner getting out the elevator was that he had entered the wrong building (you can see this when the guard calls him the wrong name and he begins to glance around the foyer before shooting him) then he eventually enters the correct offices…

Also his parents are briefly mentioned in the film but apparently feature more in the book which I’m gonna read next :thumb:

Thanks Rab for clearing that up for me I wasn’t really sure what happened and was confused by that part.

You know I only had the chance to see this on TV so it was probably butchered. For those that saw it on DVD, did he feed the machine the kitten? I hope not. I heard he stomped a dog to death early on, glad I missed that part. I came in during the axe to the face scene of Paul.

He didn’t feed in the cat. Some old woman came by, asked what he was doing, then got shot.

How accurate was it when he dropped the chainsaw when the woman was running down the stairs and it got her? Showing how great his muscles were in the mirror, what an idiot :smiley:

Alright, I just watched the movie again last night and here are a few things I noticed:

He did in fact kill all those people.
Remember at the end when he’s talking to his lawyer about the confession? He calls Patrick “Davis”. Now at this point it might be fairly evident that Paul Allen was indeed dead and the lawyer mistook the person whom he had lunch with twice in London as Allen. Now the one part that still confuses me is when Allen’s apartment was completely renovated…thoughts on that maybe later after a couple more viewings.

One more thing I noticed was kinda funny:
In the scene where the detective talks to Patrick for the second (?) time, you see a bunch of CDs on the windowsill. If you pay attention, you can see the reflection of the overhead mic on those CDs. Something they forgot to edit out :slight_smile:

Hmmm…not sure I agree there Thor

If you remember back to Reese Witherspoons party in the movie (Patricks fiancee) Paul Allen is leaving and he turns and shouts on a guy saying “Hey {Insert name}, meet you out front Limo’s waiting”, the guy he’s calling to is the lawyer. Now this made me think Paul and the lawyer were friends so it’s not likely he would mistake someone else for Paul. Twice.

But then on the other hand if he did have lunch with Paul in London why didn’t he tell anyone? Paul’s family and girlfriend have brought in Willem Defoe to find him, you think he’d mention it to them at least or even to Defoe. And if your friend was missing and you got a confession from someone saying they’d killed him (even if you did think it was a joke) wouldn’t you find it a bit unnerving :puzzled:

Sorry but I’m confused again

what a twiztid movie:) i love it

Brett-Easton Ellis has a lot to answer for :m:

Mind you I saw another movie written by him, Rules of Attraction I think it was called, and I thought it sucked. Sorry.