Animal testing

I was just wondering how some of you feel about animal testing. How many animals is it acceptable to kill in order to save one human life? Or should we not have animal testing? Say if you could cure cancer through animal testing, how many animals would it be ok to kill before it just became inhumane. Or if someone had a disease that only they had, how many animals would it be all right to kill to save that one person’s life?

I think that Standardized Animal Testing is a bad thing. All it does is show how stored knowledge can be spewed at one time…

plus it’s real hard to get the animals to hang on to a #2 pencil…

I’m against Animal Testing.

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I’m against it, humans don’t have the right to do that just because animals are ‘less intelligent’

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I’m all for it as long as you bless the animal before killing it.

I consider any of it to be inhumane.

necessary in some cases… but inhumane none the less.

I think that we should be begging the animal’s forgiveness rather than blessing it.

I’m for animal testing on certain things. I don’t really think products like shampoo and soap should be tested on animals… but for disease cures and prevention I say yeah, its ok.

I think to a point it is tolerable but I don’t know.

I don’t even kill bugs… all my friends call me an animal rights activist(which I’m not). So I’m confused on it, I want people to get better, but I don’t want anything to get hurt… ya know?

It’s a strange subject

Phil I’d also be interested in those facts and that’s a good point with the cancer thing

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**But uneccessary cruelty I am against;

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is that why is down?



3,000,000 (million) green monkeys in 5 days to phind a cure phor cancer, and we could do this w/o destroying or hurting the total popluation

I agree, but not to that point… I wouldnt go as far as exterminating whole populations! Cancer is the direct reflexion of what we do to ourselfves so we should cure it , but not… I MEAN cmon, whole Species… not that far.

I do think its in-humane, sometimes neccessairy, and should be limited to the maximum extent, until we find a way to eliminated all together, I mean haven’t the human race destroyed the earth hard enough?

If it is for a medical benefit to cure some disease that is killing of people, yeah - why not. If don’t think want to have animal testing when used for anything such as perfumes, soaps, etc. (like what jubba said.):block:


If we can’t test medicines etc on animals that leaves us with humans and computer projections / simulations.

And somehow I can’t see either being acceptable for various reasons.

So that really leaves us with little choice in the matter.

One thing I’m curious about though. I understand people not buying cosmetics and all that have been tested on animals. But if these people had a disease and needed treatment, but that treatment had been tested on animals, would they refuse it too?

Not meant in a nasty kind of way, just curious. :slight_smile:

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**I’m all for it as long as you bless the animal before killing it. **
What the hell difference does that make!?

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It’s just a religious belief. If you take an nimal’s life for your own good you should bless it before killing it. Then it goes to heaven :slight_smile:

i think if it will benefit mankind, (and i don’t mean their pockets) i think it is okay. if you want to look at it from a religious point of view you can easily say that if the execution of an animal is going to help the human race that animnal will be forever blessed. no?

yea, it is just that we believe in actually blessing he animal before killing it.

I’m sorry, but I think you need to have animal testing.

Is it cool to slaughter animals, or make them grow a second head intentionally, no - it’s certainly not cool at all, but hey, sometimes you need it.

Cosmetics should not be tested on animals though … that’s just stupid. You put animals through tests like that for the senseless purpose of making women “look pretty.” Face it, some babes look better without the make up.

I dunno what girls are making up for anyway… humm …

Back to the topic: It’s said in the Bible (mine anyway!) that God gave Adam control over all the animals of the land, air, and sea. He named them all, which showed his power over them (which is where idea of the book “Wizard of Earthsea” comes into play).

Animal testing should be controled, but still it should be.