Animate CC is here!

Woot! I’m going to give it a spin later today :slightly_smiling:

Looking forward to an in-depth, hands on, full write-up and review once that takes place. Thoughts, impressions, disappointments, surprises, pros/cons, etc., :smile:

Some improvements seem designed for banner creators

The padding is gone. Create spritesheet is not checked by default.

And use hosted uses just this


and it is already SSL compliant.

There is an option to provide a URL for web fonts.

And an option to import an HTML template. Code snippets does not appear to have been expanded.

Is ActionScript still a thing?

Yes it is.

If I recall the quote was something like " actionscript will still be treated like a first class citizen"

…and then something about needing to sit at the back of the bus, but I might have made that last one up

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It is. AS3 only since Flash CS6.

Grant Skinner in his MAX presentation said their goal was to make easeljs recognizable as possible to AS users. And to keep file sizes as close as possible to the SWF days.

I imported 4 complicated vector graphics from Illustrator and my resulting js file was only 15K. PNG can’t touch that not even after Tiny PNGing.

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I hope they resurrect AS4… that was kicked off the bus and then the bus backed up and drove over it :frowning:

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Uh yeah I’m totally on top of that!

I don’t know how I’d integrate Animate into anything I do, but maybe I’ll play around with it just for fun sometime.

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I’ve been missing AS lately, mostly because I’ve been learning R (which is, in my opinion, the most horrific language ever written). I was also thinking about learning Python (for use with PyMol, the most user unfriendly program ever written). And Italian.

But it would be nice to work with something that I already know and can do fun things with, like mouse trails and glow filters!

The Edge Animate people are very upset. Still. They were holding out hope that somehow Adobe Animate CC would have incorporated Edge Animate.

I will be curious to see how much cool AS stuff will get ported to HTML5 Canvas.

There is this.

Sounds like actionscript is calling your name TheCanadian.

starling framework is working pretty great these days, performance is quite good. no reason any app made with it should be anything but silky smooth at 60fps on mobiles. Its a shame it doesnt get the attention it deserves.

Unfortunately I’m not willing to pay $10 more per month to get Animate CC and I can’t for the life of me remember how I used to code AS for free.

I have been using Flash Develop for coding, Air sdk, starling framework, fuse for characters, mixamo for animation, blender for 3d animations exporting to 2d sprites, and texture packer to make and map the sprite sheets.

texture packer was a small one time fee, I forgot the price. Everythjng else is 100% free.

Its weird I ended up with all this free stuff in my workflow, not because it was free it just happens to be the best choice for me.

I have flash pro I just slowly stopped working with it, flash develop is great

I used to use Flash Develop, maybe I’ll give it a shot sometime.