Animated block text

There’s a cool little action script at this address:…nimate.htm

that I’ve nearly figured out, but for some reason my letters don’t rotate as soon as I export or test the film. Fading works, scaling works, but they won’t flip over. Is there an easy solution to make the program recognize those frames?

Thanks in advance!

Hey holzie,
It is difficult to know exactly what the problem is without actually examining your FLA. Did you download the FLA from their site and compare it with yours? The URL to download that is:…

hi Kirupa,
I have analyzed that FLA pretty well, but my problem is actually unrelated. I have a film sequence called animation that fades in a green letter e, flips it and turns it black. When I test the scene everything functions, but that one rotation is eliminated. Is there a window or something that I haven’t discoved yet where I can activate that animation? Where’s the switch that makes it work? :slight_smile:


Second to last line on a page that’s great for Flash rookies (…ndex.html)) reads:

“if you want to rotate an editable text field, you have to make sure to export the font under the text field’s properties.”

Good to know!


Hey holzie,
That’s great. I’m glad you figured it out…I would have never guessed that checking export the font would solve your problem :slight_smile: