Animation backwarrds

Hello there!
Nice to find a Forum about swift!
Well i’ve got a question: I ve made an object of 30 parts and want it to be absent ( dont knwo a better word for that explanation: the different objects should not build one object at frame 1)

it shoul move together at frame 30, how can i do that?
in falsh i just make a keyframe at 30 and change the first frame but how do i do that in swift 3d v3 ?

I think I know what you mean, however, I’m not sure how to do it in Swift alone.
You could do the opposite of what you want (objects together at the beginning then splitting up) import the swf into flash, then select the 30 frames and choose the ‘Reverse frames’ option to get the desired effect.

of course…
that works
just another question:
when you make a new material, can you export it or save it?? or sth. like that?