Animations in Flash 5

Animation in Flash 5

Dear Kirupa!

Yes you are doing wonderful things. I am a Graphics teacher, Teaching Adobe photoshop 6.0 and corel DRAW 10.0
However, I need very much to create movie(Animations) like those of Tommy & Jerry,etc. Please let me know through this special forum.
Sir, I even do not know any kind of code, will I last? please help me.
Thank you

What exactly are Tommy and Jerry’s animations?

I think emmanuel Asalil is talking about Tom & Jerry cartoons by Warner Brothers and no doubt someone will correct me but I suppose this woud be done (in the majority) using frame by frame animation with the occassional tweening:bandit:

I’ve constructed any characters I’ve done using the simple principal of

movieClip - character
movieClip - head
movieClip - body and neck
movieClip - right arm
movieClip - right hand
movieClip - left arm
movieClip - left hand
movieClip - right leg including foot
movieClip - left leg including foot

as far as structure of character goes. From there, if you’ve set up your center points correctly you can choose to go with motion tweens, or a/s based movement.

I’m far too unskilled to go into the actual animation process. I would suggest going to and checking out anything you can find on the “Gwen” animation he made. He describes in some detail the process of setting up different aspects of the character, including the various face frames.

Sorry… but that’ all the advice I got. :slight_smile:

ok… that didn’t format correctly…

the idea is to have a single movie clip called character (or the character name) then on it’s timeline you have the head and body movie clips. Then in the body movie clip you have arms and leg movie clips, and then inside the arm clips you have hand clips. I place a face clip inside the head clip for easy control.

With each of these named, and having their own animation… you can effectively control various aspects of the character without doing frame by frame.

you know what, I’ve never tried to animate using this technique so I might just give it a try

Thanks for the advice:bandit: