Antialias text

Having some problems getting text to be crisp…

Selecting ‘Antialias Text’ from the 'View" menu doesn’t seem to do what it is suppost to…

I’m using ‘Arial’ for the font, but if I use ‘_sans’ for the font it works…

Any ideas why this doesn’t function across fonts?

Fishheads with Beer

try embeding the font. There are a couple of click boxes for this in the text panel.

Hmm. No luck. I have embedded the font and used device fonts. Have changed the text box properties from static to dynamic and back again, but no combination seem to do the job… only ‘_sans’ does it correctly.

How much does size come in to play when text is antialiased?

Fishheads with Beer

file size or display size?

Perhaps if you sent me the file I’d have a little better luck finding the problem. You’re welcome to do so at [email protected]