Fonts +antialias

is there anyway to reduce the antialias on fonts ? or to completely remove it ?? i already know about device fonts
but there´s gotta be a way to use another font that u like and then remove the antialias from it ??

for example when i want small text that is under the size of 10
the antialias screws the fonts up !!

pls help me

if it’s static text, you can reduce it to a bitmap (ctrl-B).

this will make your files larger though.

Another option you have is to make a dynamic text box. This will display the font as a “font” not a graphic.

I hope this was usefull.

tnx Mikeylkzt !! that dynamic stuff is the BOMB!!! ^^
im so happy now :slight_smile: hoh hoh

man this forum ROCKS !! keep up the god work guys !

ok another question… i got this font now and i want ppl to b able to see it aswell even if they dont have it on their cpu´s

what should i do ?

There is no method of enabling your visitors who don’t have the font to see it as well. You could select the Embed icon from the the panel where you selected Dynamic Text, but that would increase your file size by about a good 20-50k depending on what letters you use.


i got buttons wich i use dynamical fonts on to get rid of the antialias. now do i have to embed the fonts on each button or is it only nesecary to embed it on 1 button ?

also i have noticed that as soon u have embeded the font on 1 button the text gets all blurry ?? why is that ?

The embed options are all capitol letters, or all lowercase letters, and or specialized computer symbols ect.
Each one adds size to your file, so if you only embed say, lower case letters, you would only increase your file size by so much, BUT you have to take all the lower case letters… not just the one’s you want.

If you HAVE to use those letters in that font, you’re better off breaking the letters apart under your “modify” menu. You’ll only add a little file size that way. I do it all the time and it hardly every causes that much fuss.

Embeding the font is for something where you are going to use most of the letters in the alphabet and they HAVE to be seen in that font.

i gotta say that the text handling in flash sucks… i cant get
the look i want becouse of flash´s **** antialiasing…
right now im using “Arial black” at the size of 7 for my buttons,
and if u guys make the same font and size u will see what im talking about…it aint clear…its BLURRY !!! somebody should write a letter to macromedia telling them that the fonts should be shown as fonts and NOT blurry graphics…

hehe maybe that somebody should be me =) ? well well

ok, Im not sure what the heck you’re doing.

I just placed embeded Arial black, at size 7 on the main stage, I’ve placed it non embeded on the main stage, I’ve placed it both none embeded and embeded in a button. Likewise, in both versions (embeded and non) I’ve resized the font with both animation tweening, and just scaling…

… I have no issues with jagged edges. I’m sorry but you have to be doing something incorrectly, OR, some setting on your comp is really strange.

its not that sumthing is wrong with my computer…the only problem is that u cant get sharp looking text under the size of 10 in flash…thats the problem! the only way u can get sharp text is by using device fonts and that kinda sux to cos ur limited to only 3 fonts. . .
and as i said b4 ths problem wouldnt be if Macromedia made the friggin fonts to be shown as fonts and not graphics… /end

Well I don’t know what to tell you… I can’t reproduce the effect.

I’m not able to get the font below 10 to display properly either. I was working on an All Flash about pages, and I tried to get some extremely small words to display in the background. The text become illegible at such a small size.