Any feedback appreciated

I am going to add some of my own movie and game reviews and there isn’t a lot of substance to it yet but I have been deciding what else I can add really.

I am limited to 5MB and there are no frontpage extensions on the server so the site might not look like it does on my machine…anyway go for it.


I mainly need feedback on navigation. I have used Kirupa’s Frontpage 2002 book exclusively and I hope the site does this justice.

It’s looking pretty good so far.

When I view it I’m getting the default border around the frames. If you can, I’d illiminate those as it would just look smoother. Remember that you’ll need to change those boarder tags in both the frameset AND the frame htmls that are loaded into it… or the borders will still show up.

Nav seems pretty simple and straight forward… easy enough to navigate through anyway.

the navigation is easy… easy is good cos no one likes a complicated site… easy nav = easy going


Thanks guys, I appeciate your feedback, I will try and fix the frame border thing.