Anyone Wanna See My New Stuff?

Yep i am back for a bit :pleased: got some time on my hands so i decided to play with some new toys (PScs and AIcs)

The new “Scribble” effect ment to look like embroidered text:

The new new “Revolve” effect (part of the AI3d):

And my first panorama (PScs puts it together for you now so i wanted to try that out):
its not seamless but i didnt take the time to save :upset: lol i will do it again later :smiley:


btw i love vector art, expect more soon! but more vectorish…

the first two are variaents of tutes. i touched them bothup in PS7 afterwards, PScs was used only for the last one.

how much is PScs ? is it really worth the buy-upgrade ?

oooh dipster, those cueballs are straight from da webmachine, right? =)

hehe i said that i used tutes didnt i? just added my own flare. yep i used thier tute. for the text too.

mlk: mini review check it. its in another thread in this forum, i just posted it.

the panoramic is pretty cool, I did one with my room, but I didn’t use any feature, I didn’t even know there was one, lol.

its kind of large, 56kers beware.

cool, **** can we say DIRTY?! lol

meh, whatcha gonna do :smiley: It’s also frozen in the early 90’s. I sleep in that futon (looks like a pile of blankets.)

dude, you need a gf who can clean up that mess :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, lets focus on the panoramic view, lol.

if i were you i would cut it off before the last photo, it doesnt seem to fit after that.

yeah, it doesn’t really. I’m thinking about trying to make a top down one, of like the entire floorplan.

oh cool. i want to take a few 360 ones and code some AS and make it interactive :smiley:

Nice stuff.

thanks, welcome to the forums modist i havent ever seen you before. some good stuff yourself.