Mini-Review: AIcs and PScs

So far all i can say is “Wow!” For the first time adobe deserves to overprice thier stuff :love:
The thing that caught my eye in PScs was the new file browser. I never used the file browser in PS7 and why not? it wasnt something that i found an advantage to. But this one is really great, there is flagging so you can see only what you want, makes work time way more streamlined. There is also a new “Photomerge” feature which i thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It will create the panorama for you. A few touch ups and you are done! WOW! There is also a “Match Color” command which will match the colors of all the things on the art board so you dont have different lighting to them, very usefull. Now with image ready you can make swf files! Text on paths so that you can have better effects and 16-bit color. What more could you ask for? Coustomizable key commands? Yeah they got that too. :smiley:

Ok let me tell you straight up front, this is the first vector program that i would like to use. It is the best thing. There is so much i could talk about, the 3d support the .swf exporting, everything. I will give you a touch. I havent used this but somehting i know we will all like is the new 3d effects. You can now stop having to make layer after layer to get those 3d effects looking somewhat ok, now AI has an effect for that. There is a “Save as Template” feature too now. More text capabilites and MS Office integration has gotten better from what i hear. And it runs SO much faster than the other versions i have used (same with PS).

Very good stuff, i have to admit i was sceptical, but now i am a beliver, worth it for sure.


the new 3d effect was worth the upgrade for me. still not sold on PS cs

yeah, i still use PS7 on the PC, but CS on the mac, its ok, i guess once i use it more i wont be able to live without a few of these things :smiley:

PScs, AIcs, and InDesign CS all work smooth and fast on my Pantherized machine. They do a good job of adding new features without removing old ones (Where’s Normal mode in Flash MX2004?!?).
Being able to type in a number to set a guide is handy (when snapping just won’t do). And the built in script for Save Layers to Files is groovy. I’m even getting used to the silly feathers and flowers, although I’ve never understood inDesign’s butterfly.

I really want to test drive illustrator cs , its looking absolutely awesome… :!: One other feature that will be great is the font preview when selecting fonts!! :drool:

:: whens the demo out???

for the font d/l font viewer - free app and incredibly useful (ive got 900+ fonts and this does help =)):

I talked to them Soulty (Adobe) and they said it should be any day now for the demo. They told me to check the site daily. They have got millions of calls for that.

yeah AIcs is more than just drool worthy.

yeah this really is a lot faster like i said, and with panther, VROOOM! hehe

actually cs moves a lil slower than 10. I find myself using 10 still…only using cs for special circumstances.

i was talking at least on the PS side. hmm, i only have AI for the PC and keep PS7 on there too. I got the whole CS for the mac tho. Everything on the mac side is really really fast, i havent used AI in past versions tho so i wouldnt really know, just assuming :stuck_out_tongue:

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**I talked to them Soulty (Adobe) and they said it should be any day now for the demo. They told me to check the site daily. They have got millions of calls for that. **

Thanks for the info DDD.

cheers :wink:

mlk:::: nice little app there… but i use ATM , at the moment… does this app / plugin work in illustrator?

Im really looking forward to Hot Dogs multipage plugin for AI once that is out i hope my company will change from that godforsaken appt Corel.

Don’t forget about the nested sets(folders) in Photoshop CS… that’s my favourite thing :slight_smile:


hey ElectricGrandpa

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wasn’t nested folders in photoshop 7?

maybe he was trying to say…saving layers out as comps feature. Yes tat was there in ps7.

Nope! I mean nested folders, as in you can put folders inside other folders, which is new to PSCS… In PS7 you could have folders, but not put them inside each other. Flash has had this for quite some time though…

It allows for quite a lot of organization which I like to have, if you have large/complex images it can make them much easier to manipulate and understand…

Thanks for the welcome!


I am using PS7 as we speak ad it has sublayers and nested folders…Maybe I am misunderstanding you.

Putting folders inside of folders inside of folders is new to CS. Previous versions had folders, yes, but they could only contain layers, not other folders.
This is a great feature, kinda like keeping your master timeline in Flash clean and breaking out the sub clips for the details.

ok found this site, talking about new features

I really do believe that this was in 7? must of been mistaken, unless someone has 7 installed (unistalled mine) and can provide a screenshot … how about it DDD.

I stand corrected…I was using illustrator and the “crack” I was smoking had me thinking I was using PS. Looks like those are correct. Sorry Soulty. No nested in PS7, I cant believe I survived without those in PS7.

Ps I dont really smoke crack…