Apple Doesn't want your Ideas

well this is kinda interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically a 3rd grader girl writes to Steve Jobs with suggestions on how to improve the nano, and she gets a reply from their legal department.

this is considered news?

It was on digg earlier this week, so apparently the answer is… yes.

She got owned.

pwned lol

pwned lol

I read this like a week ago :smiley:

Yeah, I saw this today. At least they’re doing something about it.



even after all this, the news reporter says, [he] will find himself foolish or something like that…
ouch @ the girl
take that @ apple. just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

little girl = pwned
she’s gonna be traumatized for life:lol:
___________________:i won’t start a flame war

Microsoft would’ve never commited such an atrocity to an innocent 5 year old :upset:

But seriously, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen make the news.

Ok you know I don’t want to give apple ideas anyway.
that is just going to help them financially not me so why should I care.:krazy:

The girl got it right!

She deserved the pwnage! :lol:

It’s a problem with the whole system that young little kiddie-diapers start thinking about the bigger things in life than just play and goof around in their childhood.

Dang! Where’s the innocence of childhood these days? Why does a child have to think about improving that kinda thing?

And just what possible useful piece of info could she have mailed them anyway that coulda helped a big rear company like them in this corporate age?

Anyway, I also agree that the reply should not have been harsh (if it was unrightfully so.) :lol:

Didn’t the girl think that apple would have already had those ideas? Apple must have been quite insulted, therefore, it’s justified.



It’s PWND you ever-wavin-hippo-of-all-purpleness! :lol:

:lol: :lol:

Stupid news channel. Corporations have things like that in place because it prevents them from getting sued for stealing ideas. I would imagine it’s fairly standard legal policy. Just because a little girl’s mummy decided to make a big deal about it. And since when is sticking speakers in your ears and listening to music when you’re aged 9 educational?

What bastards, It a nine year old girl for god sakes, This actually made me quite angry. As a company wouldnt you want lots of feedback to help improve your products to get more people buying your products etc and to keep current customers happy. Remeber the customer is always right. :smiley:

Seb did you not read what I wrote? Plus, I doubt they paid any attention to the age of the girl. Unless she wrote in capitals on the top “I’m 9”.

No, the corporation doesn’t. As said above, they don’t want any possible legal trouble.

I think my brother got a similar response when he sent in a drawing for Nike® and they turned it down… they were a tad more sincere, but basically said the same thing.