New Mac iBooks with G4 and Panther (OS 10.3)

Apple’s line of affordable laptops are now shipping with a G4 processor and Apple’s newest operating system, Mac OS X Panther (OS ver 10.3).

From Apple’s site:

The world’s best-loved consumer portable gets an impressive makeover with a superfast PowerPC G4 processor, a new architecture, a slot-loading optical drive and enhanced wireless networking capabilities. Plus Mac OS X v10.3 Panther, the world’s most advanced operating system.

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does this mean the power books are going to start shipping with the g5? :smiley:

You already saw the photos :wink:


I came up to an advertisement of apple’s G5 computer. There was a test’s results showing that G5 is faster than a dual Xeon 3.0GHz processor although G5 has 2 processors running at 2.0GHz!
Any comments?

Can G5 solve the problem of Mac Os X delay compared to Mac Os 9 running faster than X in older computers?

they are both 64 bit