Aramso Kebab (Client Site)

Ok I got this client and I done this site for him, I made it in for my style of design witch does look pro, but now he changed his mind with many things, and he told me to change everything from colours and animation with images and music, so i did, he payed me half of the price before, but I made 2much changing to the site after compleating it, he changed his mind agein with somethings. So I made it for him agein today. Now he is very happy.

Would I ask him for more money on this, because he is not paying me on every hour.
he is going to buy a domain name soon from .tk to .no “Norway”.

btw. Please check if you hear the music playing. In my pc I get to hear it, but he says is not working on him, would you please check to see if the music is working also.

Thank you very much.

Well, I don’t like the colors. sry. The blue page color is killing me. Make it more complimentary to the site. Also, I think everything is pixilated, from the page outline to the images. I don’t think it’s the best choice of music also, I would make it quieter. Pay attention to fine details. When the transition completes I see a little pop where the 2 “pictures” weren’t lined up. Sry if I seem harsh, it’s just the things I noticed.

Keep it UP!

Thank you for your reply, yes the colours are picktup by him, + the music and the animation. I just do what he tell me to, after I made the site on my own he changed his mind, and began telling me “tips”, so I do what he tell me to, now he is happy with it.

I made the quality low because the site will load faster, for the modem users.

i dont like this webpage, the colors, the low quality, the buttons, the text…its all bland and not very well designed. the music is irritating, and ‘HJEM’ page should have more text and pictures.

Thank you !
Like I said, its not my style of design. Thats why Im doing what my client is told me to do.

Music + Images + Buttons + tekst + everypage + menu…etc


//you spelled Kirupa wrong for “location”

Oh thanks dude. Will change it right away :rabbit: