Aramso Kebab (Client)

OK I got this client and he want the site like it is right now, I give him tips he dont want to change a thing.
I want to hear what you think of this site I made a week ago.
site in Norwegian

Thank you

Here is the link to the site

I do just design, but if the client want a server and a .com name, how to do it for him, Im not that good at this part.

thanks agein :angel:

It’s very clean, but the main site needs better fonts. Perhaps smaller fonts. The 3D spinning logo doesn’t match the site really, if you can add effects to it, might spruce it up a little, but hard to see how it can match your site. Better with a PSed image.

Its very clean?? Kebabs are messy things I tell you. I eat one every two days or so. Splash page image is 150kb. Pretty big. The flash is heavy inside…does your client really want a site which is no good for dialups? Is it all Broadband in Norway? Revolving banner is a bit …amateurish.

make it smaller in screen size and in file size… does a keybab site really need a flash site ?

Typo is bad. For the loading times, there is not enough content. you load for to long only to see, well, just about nothing.