Are you always unhappy with your work?

Lol, I think I got the secret meaning (and did when I first saw your name).

If that secret meaning has anything to do with “sin”

Sin comes and makes you PAY for using the forbidden Machina!! grunt

The Defition for “Syntax”

syn·tax Pronunciation Key (sntks)

The study of the rules whereby words or other elements of sentence structure are combined to form grammatical sentences.
A publication, such as a book, that presents such rules.
The pattern of formation of sentences or phrases in a language.
Such a pattern in a particular sentence or discourse.
Computer Science. The rules governing the formation of statements in a programming language.
A systematic, orderly arrangement.

The word means rules for proper spelling and structure of code. I spelled it wrong becasue I’m dyslexic I have troubles following proper rules and structure thus the miss spelling of “syntax” for “sintax”. But I’m sure there are other meanings you can think of. Anybody got one?:slight_smile:

Yeah, read my above! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my FFX brain going wild… :slight_smile:

Ya I Guess I some how total forgot abot FFX. I should start using a picture of Sin from FFX as my footer.:slight_smile: You know whats really bad. I still ahve to finish FFX. I stoped playeing 90 hours in.

I stopped after trying to beat Evrae 100 times…

**** dragon just won’t die…

I wish I could tell them no! I usually make suggestions and see if they like it. But then the marketing people - who love shiny flashy things - jump in and want the offending element in too. I just give up by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with this is now I don’t have anything nice to put in my portfolio.


Thats exactly the problem. It’s hard to do work that you don’t want people to know you did it.

the bottom line is that nothing in your portfolio is worse than something. =)

I mean nobody is going to hire you off of an empty portfolio, but if you present the work you have done in a pleasing manner, with explainations of what you did on that project, it will do more good than all kinds of tricky flashy stuff.


If your clients are asking for these “tacky” things, then it could be advantageous to put them in your portfolio. Remember, your portfolio is not there to impress you, but your clients.


Maybe try this: actually plan a site, with storyboards, planned copy, and then execute that plan. Then when you are done, step back, take a look at it with a client’s eye. Is this site what the plan asked for?

The bottom line I guess, is it doesn’t matter if you don’t like your work all the time, but it does matter if your clients do.



Good advice REV. :slight_smile:

I know exactly how you guys feel… :-\

I had to find satisfaction in other ways…

hence the suggestion to storyboard. I know it is a major pain, but the satisfaction at the end of the project is much higher when you have a concrete goal to begin with, rather than winging it (which can produce some fantastic results, don’t get me wrong) and by the time you are done, the project is way off from the intent at beginning.

Besides, it is usually the way it is done in the biz… also covers your butt in certain situations… :stuck_out_tongue:

As a rule, I don’t accept a client until we have laid out what they expect from their site, and my storyboard of how I plan to acheive that goal. I even make them sign off on it… :-\ but I’m kinda anal about some things… It’s the pastry chef coming out in me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for pontificating, I’ll get off my soapbox now…

::trips, falls into gutter, stays there::


Haha I could quote everyone and all their posts on this thread, they reflect exactly how I feel. was probably the fourth or fith design idea I came up with. Then I scrapped a ton of little elements over and over again. It was my first site, so I don’t think it is very good anymore, I can do better now, but the first couple days after it was done I thought how cool it was. Now I don’t even like looking at it. A new one will be coming after I finish a page I’m working on for someone else.


Now I’m not saying I don’t like any of my work. This isn’t about being picky. It’s about being forced to use elements that many consider to be amateur. Think web pages that suck. The target audience of my portfolio are art and creative directors. Surely if they know anything about design, they will not be impressed by my flaming-skulls animated gifs and “Welcome to our Homepage” scrolling tickers (in Comic Sans, 36 pt, no less).

Rev: Fortunately, I do have my personal projects and “freebie” work to fall back on in terms of my portfolio. But I’m afraid that lack of commercial work will hurt me. Rev, are you an art director? Can you tell me or advise me about what things you look for and what things impress you? At this point, I’m thinking of including some stuff that I’m not so proud of, while showcasing some of the designs that were turned down - just to show, “hey, it wasn’t my idea to put that there. If I had my way, it would look like this…”

And I do “actually plan” my designs. But I work as part of a team, not a freelance designer - so there’s a lot of head-butting at times. This is also why I can’t say no to a client - it’s not my say.

Anyway, I’m working on my portfolio right now… well a light, HTML version of it. I need to rework the Flash version as well. I will surely post it in site check and ask for everyone’s feedback, as there are many creative individuals here.


My last post was directed more at the guys saying they hate everything they create, than you… :x

Unfortuantely, I am freelance, so I get to pick and choose which projects I do… :-\
That said, I do have clients that want that “flaminig logo” floating across the page. As you said, you can’t say no, they are paying the bill (usually they are related to/sleeping with the artist).

I wouldn’t put anything up that “wasn’t picked,” just because that might make you out as troublesome… :evil: I do like the idea of a screencapture highlighting the parts of the project you did, with an explaination. It shows you work well on a team… very important in today’s climate…

It’s strange, I get new referrals from the clients which were the hardest to deal with, and who have stifled my creativity the most… go figure…

I wish I could help, but I am trying to figure out what art directors are looking for as well… The climate of the web world is so different than it was 2 years ago, it’s scary.



Hehe, I guess this is where the term “starving artists” comes in. It’s a lose-lose situation - sacrifice your creativity or sacrifice your paycheck. :stuck_out_tongue:

too true :stuck_out_tongue:

My poor brother only does programming (he can’t draw a straight line without a ruler), so all of his portfolio is about stuff that he didn’t have any artistic interest in… So he has a screenshot, and tells what he did in the background…asp, etc.



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On topic: My dad’s a programmer too, he couldn’t even draw a straight line WITH a ruler…

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