Arrays & attachMovie: 2 problems

Hi there :slight_smile: ,

I have followed the tutorial by on Arrays and attachmovie to try and make a movie with a list of links. the MC that I attach dynamically has a AS 2.0 class attached to it to handle its rollover and rollout states. An invisible button in the MC (instance name lbutton) carries the AS for the link and sits on the topmost layer. My newbie brain just cannot get around two problems:

  1. The links just wont work.

  2. I have quite a long list of these. How do I fit them all in the MC (all my attempts show the links spilling out of a container MC and onto the main stage), make the MC scrollable and then put it on the stage?

Any pointers from you guys will be tremendously appreciated. Please find attached the fla. and as. files.