ARRRRGHHH! Borderless Popup Window help PULEEEEEZE

Okay, I read the tutorial here on, I can’t make heads or tails of it, I tried following all the directions but I guess they aren’t explicit enough for an idiot like myself. I also tried following the “simple way” another posting on the EZ board explained for the getURL function, that doesn’t work either.

All I get is a browser window that still has a toolbar/scrollbar/etc, it IS however hte correct size I wanted it to be, but the ulr loads as my javascript!!! as in, my location bar tells me I am at

javascript<img src= ALT=":o"> penNewWindow('www.luvchildentertainment…lbars=no’))

Plus, none of the help I’ve been getting so far tells me what to do with the OTHER action tab lines (i.e. window: _self, _blank, etc., whether the expression box is checked, etc.). :frowning:

I would REALLY appreciate a step by step guide here. Currently, my page loads really annoyingly, and I want this in a borderlesss:

Illegal javascript event tags or url parameters detected.

Darn it, my first attempt to help answer a question and it got shot down. I typed in a bunch of scripts for you to copy and it got booted. Sorry.

I had a similar problem as you, you must have both scripts on the same page and the chromeless.js in the same folder.

That should work fine.


you need to make a button in Flash:
then attach the action:

getURL(“javascript<img src= ALT=”:o"> penIT(“page.html”, null, null, “windowname1”)":wink: ;

then have the javascript in your page that points to the chromeless.js file

I think the tut is in kirupa somewhere.