Borderless Window

Hey all.\rI have two questions about the borderless window. I have not done the tutorial here yet, but I am wondering if once you get the tutorial to work, and you get a window when you press the button, how do you then make your web site be inside that window? I am making my new website and it is going to be flash-based. So how do I make the Flash-based web site inside the borderless window? Second of all, Is there a way to make the button outside of Flash? I have a splash page and want to make the button that pops up the window be on that splash page. Is it possible?\r\rThanks!

Illegal javascript event tags or url parameters detected.

OK is there any sensible help?

//just attach the javascript through the getURL(); function in flash. so it will look like:\r\r//getURL(“javascript<img src= ALT=”:o"> penIT(“page.html”,null,null,“windowname1”);"\r\rmake sense