Borderless Window using 'chromeless.js'

Could someone tell me if I did this wrong. This is my 1st time trying this and I’m pretty sure I followed the tutorial correctly, but it isn’t making a new working window:\r\ron (release) {\r getURL (“javascript<img src= ALT=”:o"> penIT(‘page.html’, 800, 600, null, null, ‘mywinname01’);");\r}\r\rDid I put the javascript in the correct spot? When I click on my flash button to open the ‘new borderless window’, I get a new BLANK page with an error symbol in the lower left corner of the window. Any help would be great!! Thanks\r\rThis is the tutorial I’m referring to:\…erless.asp

to get rid of that face icon next time uncheck the Emoticons box under posting options.\r\rYou are calling a javascript on that button, so have you defined the javascript. to get it to work you need to Copy and paste the javascript command also. maybe that is the problem.\r\rI think that right now Kirupa’s tut section in down well I can’t get into it to check the tut.\r\rGood luck, and post back.\rMatt

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Matt, thanks for responding\r\rI rechecked the site and it is working with a few mess-ups. Just scroll the screen across and everything should be in the center of the screen. If that site still isn’t working, at the bottom of this response I have the site that makes this Javascript ‘plugin’ needed, in order to make this borderless window work. \rBasically, the newest script version is called ‘chromeless_35.js’ and should be inserted in the same directory as the .swf & .html files you want to open up in the borderless window. This code goes into the flash button that is supposed to call up this borderless window:\r\ron (release) {\rgetURL (“javascript openIT4FLASH(‘page.html’, 800, 600, null, null, ‘mywinname01’);”);\r}\r\rThen, after you make the .swf file and put it into an .html page - that SAME .html page you put this Javascript coding between the <Head></Head> tags. Unfortunately this posting wouldn’t let me do that but if you go to:\r\…erless.asp\r\ryou can find the coding all laid out for you. Otherwise go to this site & pick the section called “Chromeless”:\r\r[url=“”] \r\rHere you can download the newest .js plugin needed and read up on what this Borderless Window is all about. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I did exactly as the tutorials said, only their’s worked and mine didn’t. I appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks\r -Caius

Borderless window = Evil !!! :slight_smile: