Audio - video out of sinc

hi, i need help on a problem ive been having.
I work with flash mx 2004 on a mac (os x) (but i use to have the same problem on my old windows computer).

i use flash mx to make animations that i export in .avi or .mov format and then burn on dvd’s or whatever (I dont make .swf files for web-viewing). and it works perfectly when the animation is under 5 minutes. but when my animations get longer that 5 minutes the audio starts to get out of sinc with the video. I am now working on a project that will be around 20-30 minutes long. but once i get to 10 or 16 minutes and i export the movie, the audio is SO out of sinc with the video that you hear a character speak 2 or 3 seconds after the animation has him speaking.
my temporary solution is to make smaller flash files 5 minutes each and then put them al together in premiere. but its very time consuming.
i have tried exporting in many different settings and formats and nothing seems to work.

someone please PLEASE help me because this animation im working on is a very important project and i have a lot of people counting on me (It’s like my big break lol).

p.s. unrelated: is there a way of ecporting all scenes in a movie as separate files?

thanks to anyone who helps.

Try setting the sound sync to “stream” instead of event.

I always do :slight_smile: . but it still goes out of sinc. thanks anyways.

does anyone know what’s wrong? this project is very important to me.

Select all your avis and in tmpgenc merge them all into a single avi or mpg good luck :wink:

ok let me ask yu a question are you using video in flash or exporting your flash animations as avis??

im exporting my flash animations as avis (ive also tried other formats like .mov and mpeg).

well then if it takes you a long time to merge the videos using premiere i suggest you check out tmpgenc just use their cut and merge option to make all your avis into a single avi or mpg, its like a batch file just insert your avis and in the same order they are in thats the way they will play and merge into the single avi, good luck for more info regarding video check out or