Auto install flash player from CD

I am creating flash/projector content to be used in an interactive enhanced section for the CD release of our forthcoming album. Amongst other things I’m using it to play a video we have had shot for one of our songs. This uses features that need flash player 6. It runs fine on my computer but when tested on another, the video wouldn’t play because of an old flash player.

If I include the installation program for the player on the CD, is there anyway I can get it to autodetect and install??

why dont you use Projector?

I have converted the main “navigation” section from a swf to a projector exe, which then autoruns. But I load the video file as a swf into that (video was imported from an mpeg)…

Can I convert this video.swf into a projector file and load it into the other projector file when needed??

if the video lods directly into the projector it should work without a problem as long as your loading it into the projector, if its in html it wont work so make sure you load it into the projector if you have problems let me know be more than glad to help :beam: