Avatars (the little pics under your name)

This idea popped into my head a few days ago when I was surfing a hardware forum. How many of you would be interested in using those little pictures that many have under your names? For an example of what I am talking about, see the pictures above their names in the following post: forums.anandtech.com/mess…did=764280

Would anyone you all be interested in having this on my site? If so, I can go ahead and create a separate HTML with a good amount of transparent, high-quality clip-art that can be used.

Just another suggestion :slight_smile:


I thought we basically had that option anyway? because we can already include pictures…if you want to Kirupa…its your site. :slight_smile:

Well, I never knew how to put pictures, so yes !!
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hehe, I won’t be forcing that feature upon people jubba :wink: It’ll be an option. I will merely provide pictures for those who don’t have any to display. I guess I’ll start my collection of something unique and cool to use as icons :slight_smile:

NO!! I DON"T WANT PICTURES!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!! NOOOOOO!!! lol, i just thought that we already had that option, but it obviously is somehting else entirely. I have no understand of ezBoard and/or how it works, or what features it has. Sounds like a good idea. I would use it…

You could probably get some of the better artists on the site <cough>VTS</cough> to draw some of the avators.

Actually, Jubba, wasn’t it you who linked to his collection of art on the Princess Bride thread or something? 'Cause that stuff was @#%$ good…

Although I may have dreamed that… I tend to do that type of thing…

that was me. However, I can’t really draw cartoony clip art kind of things. most of my stuff is large and real, or real-looking fantasy. I have no creativity :frowning: I lost it a few months ago and I haven’t found it, and its not lookin good.

Oh yes, I remember now. You were the one who made that sketches… You seemed pretty good at it back then. Why don’t you try ? And don’t tell me you don’t have creativity, I don’t buy it. You’re young, rich and beautiful, you HAVE TO be creative. Otherwise I’ll make the darn sketches, and we’ll all look like dragoons.
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By the way, does the word dragoon exist (to me, it is that thing that spits flams and all), or is it just in Star Craft ??

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Yes, dragoons exist. They’re a historical/mythological thingy, except that there’s so many conflicting stories about them that I’ve actually heard debates as to what dragoons originally were.

Basically, they’re everything from elite medieval knights to people who jump really high and land on other peoples’ heads.

But as far as saying “We’ll all look like Dragoons” doesn’t make sense, unless you’re saying “We’ll all look like brilliant warriors leading our armies into war.”. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what you were going for, though.

I think you meant to say “We’ll all look like goons”.

… Although I think if you say that in an English country you’ll probably still just get laughed at. To ensure that you don’t mess up mannerisms, just chuck in a few cusswords every now and then. Then nobody can @#%$ well laugh at you, 'cause you’re bad ass. Hell yeah.

** Jubba and every woman I’ve pretend to care about the problems of (and now Renn or some other misc. Kirupa board female beats the living crap out of me):**

Self-pity is unflattering. You’re a rich white kid. You have the world on a silver platter. Having too many people ask you to the prom isn’t apocolyptic. (Okay, granted, I wasn’t totally talking to Jubba there.)

I don’t believe imagination ever really disappears - I think it just gets repressed when people start mocking you for acting childish. If you actually tried to, you could come up with whatever idea you wanted.

Likewise, I could be making amazing Flash programs right now if I just got past the big mental barrier I have for some reason that won’t let me click on the Flash icon and use the bloody thing in the first place. It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that my subconcious got annoyed that last time I used Flash it had to figure out a million and one repetitive mathematical formulas and now it has no intention of risking doing that again.

Point is… (Strike a cheesy pose:) Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything!

Hell yeah ! (is that OK ?)
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uhmmm…me? definately not rich. I am more broke than broke can be. I go to a state school, financial assistance is needed, and I have 3 loans just to pay for tuition. I’m going to be paying off student loads until I’m 100. Just to clear things up. As far as beautiful…the only ones who think that is my mother and the girls I’m with. The only thing that makes me look rich is because I have my cars, and those were bought threw hard work and luck (lots of luck). But other than that, I’m not rich. I don’t like it when people think that i am…so I just wanted to clear that up.

My creativity is definatly low…everything that I draw come from some sort of picture or something…I draw from photographs a lot. Nothing really comes out of my head, so as far as small cartoony sketches go, i can’t do it. I cant pull things out of my head.

The Borg was cool. Hey, Kirupa, Im getting ready to publish a site in the next week or so and was looking at forums and their cost. Am I correct that a bulletein board such as this is about 360$ a year? Thats the idea I got from browsing EZ boards. Am I correct? Would it have everything thats here for that price? Ima curious guy on that one. Cause I think it is a pretty cool software system. You like or you thinking about changing. Anything I should know that would help me look?

<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":">

uhmmm…me? definately not rich. ** Jubba**

Pfft. Bull crap. You just grew up in the richest country on earth and decided to compare yourself to other rich people. What about 3rd world countries? You’re helluva lucky to have been born in the country you were born in. You could have a life span of 30.

In terms of my country and the standard of living I am far from rich. I work full time at McDonalds, my parents both work part time (they are retired), we live in a small house in the middle of nowhere and have to scrap money together to pay for my tuition, and I may not be able to come back to my school next year because we may not have the money, and we may not be able to get more loans.

In terms of the world, i could be considered rich, but thats not how I think, I guess. When someone says rich I think of people that have money, but I guess that I think of rich-ness in terms of money. I grade happiness differently.

So, me :

Rich = No
Happy = Very

I hope everything works out well for you jubba! I’ll pray for ya :slight_smile:

thanks kirupa. oh, and I sent you two tutorials. let me know if you need anything else.

Yikes Jubba! I’m prayin’ for ya too! I agree with Live that you are really well off compared to a lot of people but still - money shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to your education! I’ll look into it when I am queen…

I too will attend to these problems when I achieve my rank of World Dictator.
But for now try going to

 [www.lesko.com[/quote](http://www.lesko.com[/quote)] and see if he has some money for you. 

thanks phil. we tried his book before and it didn’t have anything. actually it had a few, but the scholarship programs it had were out-dated so we sent the book back. maybe we should try again. I hope i can get some more money towards this