New avatar!

uhh, well… it’s something… at least…


lol looks kind of :flower:

j/k not really. Thats cool…

As I said before… it makes me dizzy. I like the avatar (although very hitlerish :slight_smile: but the footer makes me dizzy.

Wooo! :beam:

I like the av especially! How about a bit less tile effect on the footer and a bit of environment around them?

You goin to Iraq Eilsoe? :bounce:

  • Soul :goatee:


I scrapped the footer… I spent well over an hour on it tho… sigh


I’m sick… and irritable… :angry:

Eeek sorry Eilsoe, we liked it, just advice, keep it, just change it a little? :beam:

  • Soul :goatee:

oh, that’s why I’m still seeing your old footer =) I hope you start to feel better.

We hassle you because we care :blush:

You can come up with a MUCH better footer than that other one. Get working sickboy (-:

K: me 2… I hate being sick…

soul: I hated it too… once I saw it on the forum… it looked different in photoshop :frowning:

Check this then… THIS sucks… there’s a jerk in it…

Maybe I should just turn off the com and leave it be while I’m sick…

I can’t do anything right now!

Didn’t mean to make you upset Eilsoe :frowning:

It’s ok…

I’m mostly mad at myself for spending so much time on a piece of crap…

lol I think the animated one is awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

The animated one is better than the static one.

I WOULD use it, if it wasn’t for the 170 kb of space it takes…

Do it in Flash then. You can use only one graphic and animate it.

And preload it as well :wink:

160k is really too large for a footer :slight_smile: Would it be possible to bring it down to under 30k. Having large footers slows down surfing on the forums =)

Kirupa :evil:

lost has a point there. i really love that animated footer. it matches the avatar so well. if flash doesn’t work for you, you could always make the gif with smaller dimensions. :wink:

that animated one rocks. and it shouldnt be that big… tomorrow i´ll give a look at it and see what i can do for you dude :wink:

no promisses :slight_smile:

whaddya think?

[SIZE=1]had to reduce the frame numbers to keep a small size (21kb)[/SIZE]