You wrote somewhere that you had several footers just loading randomly (??? you know what I mean, don’t you ?). But you didn’t explain how. Care to do that now ?


Another question : I’ve just seen the wallpapers you’ve made. Wicked. What are you working with ? So here’s the deal. Can I use one of them for my site ? Or even better : could you do one especially for me and not ask me for money cos I don’t have much of it ? Do you have a cigarette ? Can you send me $100 ?


aint it great stuff??

I love vts’ work.

sure, you can use it…under these conditions:

  1. you must give me credit
  2. you must retain the integrity of the piece.

im working on redoing some of the wallpapers and im sorry i dont have $100…and if i did i would be out buying RAm.

aw. David, you so nice :slight_smile:

VTS’s work is really awesome!

Thanks man, I appreciate that very much. Be sure that you’ll get credit if my site eventually comes out.
But you engaged the bullet-time Matrix mode to dodge my question so : what software are you using ???

other than flash, i use 3ds max 4 and photoshop.
for making some recent stuff (thats not on kirupa.com) i use Painter.

Hey VTS,
Nice site, nice wallpaper. Katie holmes does it for me. Shes the first computer image that I looked at and she didn’t turn her eyes away. WoW! Love those eyes, although its a tossup between her and the one with the stretched, (how do they say it france for Poms sake?), ya, stretched foundations, ya know the chick in blue. Awesome site. Way alot cool VTS!