B.Rich Vs. You!

[Quick View Of Battle: http://www.formlessfigures.com/battle/ ]

Anyone wanna battle?

Applications: Photoshop
Round(s): 6 Rounds
Theme: No set theme, (include 2 elements from previous serve (can be as simple as a color and a shape) plus the round number.
Serve time limit: 24 Hours
Image Size: Same as provided source image.

We will post a poll at the end to determine the winner.

Simply dload the image below and post your first serve to accept. First Come, First Serve.

Source Image


I would love to battle you bro, but I’m in that other ultimate one, and plus your really good. But hey, if no one joins in say the next hour, I’ll be happy to slip in :wink:

I’m taking a break after the Ultimate Battle. Otherwise I would challenge ya.

its alright… I figured that other challenge would be tying everyone up. Thanks for the compliment grinch. If you get some time, we can battle just g’head and serve it up. If anyone else comes across this post before that go 4 it, its still open.

Dj - when the time is right we can battle as well.