Quick photo thing

anyone up for it? anybody can join. and any interesting subject ideas are welcome.

you mean a battle? If so sure i’m up for it.

yeah, just agree on a subject and everyone shoots and then posts. then a poll.

Sounds cool. So I am guessing this will be a photo manip?

photo = photography?

If you mean a photography battle, I’m in :slight_smile:

i think he means photograph manipulation - and if that’s the case then I’m in!

If this is a photography battle, count me in!

Seems theres a lot of confusion on what kind of battle this is! :stuck_out_tongue:

oops, sorry about the confusion. I mean photography battle, like the one that took place a month or so ago.

im in :slight_smile:

ya count me in searches house for digital and 35mm SLR camera ok found them lets do it.

what kind of photography? macro [close-ups], landscape, people, sky??

This sounds fun, Im up for it, as long as theres a theme. Ive been wanting to get out and take some pictures recently.

its summer, something to get me out of the house and away from the computer…

I dont really have access to macro, sadly :frowning:

im’ in

for a theme, i dunno,

I’d say color. Let’s do a color theme! Any color. Warm, cool, doesn’t matter just something that really brings out the color in something. Get what I mean. How about only levels, curves, brightness, contrast stuff can only be messed with. Sound good?

Sorry if it sounds like I’m trying to take over this battle.

Ooo, color sounds cool, I’ve got an awesome idea for this battle already :smiley: If no one has any objection, let’s get this battle going :slight_smile:

Replode, start a thread with the official rules and deadlines hehe :slight_smile:

Good Luck to all!

I like the color idea. only cropping + bright/contrast editing in PS (keep it down, though) if everyone agrees, then lets roll

no levels?