Baaaaaattlefield 1942

Just a little thread to show how much I :love: :love: :love: this game…

Anyway do any of you, children, play Battlefield1942 (the original - not the mod which are pretty good too)… My sn is ‘milkman - grenoble’ and I mostly play on small sized servers 10 - 25 ppl…
My fav server is synergy… and my favorite map battleaxe ??

Now to show you how much this game rocks, I just want you to know that you can:

  • drive jeeps, tanks, mobile artillery, APCs
  • use landing boats, cruisers, battlecruisers, submarines
  • fly bombers, german, russian american english and jap. planes
  • be a sniper, engineer, soldier, medic, bazooka man

just a few SSs (goto if the remotelinks dont work):

Now, get off DE_Dust and come play in Norht Africa, Pacific, East/West Europe etc… !