Battle: New SOTW banner

Make a banner for Kirupa’s Site of the Week. There must be 2 versions: 1 static (.png or .jpg) and 1 animated (flash).


Other rules:
Dimensions: 200x200
Max size: 20 kb
All entries should represent’s SOTW theme. Also the static and the animated designs should be the same.

Due date:

Original thread:

Consider me a participant! :slight_smile:

I’ll think about it

Man this doesn’t seem to draw in participants! :frowning:

i’d like to participate but i dont relly know what it is , can anyone show me an example?

Those are the current SOTW Banners. If this battle would push through then there will be a possibility that kirupa will use the winning entry as a new SOTW banner - if it is better than the existing ones! :slight_smile:

Actually, kirupa WILL use the winning ones because, quite frankly, it can’t be much worse than the current awards :wink:

my 1rst entry…

can i submit more?
i have some ideas ;):b:

That would be super K man! :thumb:

Now we can start submitting… I think a lot of entries would be really nice! :slight_smile:

Also, If ever your entry would win, the source file should be posted so the design can be modified to fit the standard SOTW banner.



Looks like it :-\ Sorry about that, fluid :frowning:

but K-man can use mine if he wants
[size=1]wonder if he’s heard that…[/size]

scratch the do date and let entries keep coming…

Okay I’m posting mine soon… Hopefully it satisfies! :slight_smile:

Here’s the JPG version:

Here’s the SWF version: (nothing fancy though :frowning: )
[swf= width=80 height=80][/swf]

This is great CG, i love it, i d like to learn this 3d rotation, can u help me out, if u have time?

Thanx =)

that’s the simplest animation you can do with swift 3d get one jaz it’s great

hey thanks Comic, i ll download it,but wich version :-s

V3 is the latest i think that’s what i use!