Besides flash

What do you guys specialize in or hobbies you might have?

I play PS2 a lot (i’m in the process of beating FFX and GTA3), only because I’m at school, and I can’t skate here. I love to skateboard, but I haven’t in almost 8 months, so I think i’m a tad rusty. I draw a lot. And I am a pro at pissin’ off my roommate. And sadly enough, I collect old coins, but i have a very impressive collection. I also street race far more than i should. I have a 1987 Porsche 924s (no i’m not rich, i’m lucky…i bought it from my father for 4k) and a 76 Corvette (again from father for 4k) but he ripped me off cuz neither car is worth that much…they were piles of junk when i got them…but oh well…just a little work and a lot of money…

Hey Thor…I heard you were in the process of making the first Flash front-end **** site ever! Just playin lol

I like to read a lot, and roleplay, and do some other things.

I’m into right now.

Other than that, as people know I love to cook, and eat good food, and good wine. I like to listen to folk music, and play some myself. I walk my dog and fiance :wink: in the deep woods most weekends.

Not much other than that.

I do homework and more homework! Cursed AP people ensuring that I am away from my comp as long as possible! In my free time (insert maniacal laughter here) I play a quick game of Tactical Ops (UT mod) with a few friends and I do my homework while watching the O’Reilly Factor, Everybody Loves Raymond, and All in the Family :slight_smile:

[Note: I don’t sleep ever; ‘Jolt’ and other caffeinated drinks keep me awake 24/7 on all days except the nationally celebrated Webmasters day where I take a quick nap.]

lol, don’t let Hallmark in on that Webmaster’s day!

I easily work about 50-70 hours a week so I don’t have too much free time.

However, I do really enjoy cooking as well (hey, upuaut, have you ever seen “Good Eats” on food tv? It’s a great show!).

I read, but I really don’t enjoy it as it makes me sleepy. Usually just read about Flash anyways and some self-help/how-to-kick-butt-in-life books.

I also have some freelance projects that I’m consistantly working on (I do some work for George Foreman Sausage Products). Hopefully, I can get into more web design and less printing but I’m sure that’s inevitable with the future.

Other than that, I go out with my friends and drink (either coffee or alcohol or hopefully someday absinth). :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like the busier you are, the more you get done in your free time also because you know you only have x amount of time. :slight_smile:

Nah, I sometimes watch Iron Chef, but I’m an adlib cooker so I usually don’t even crack a cook book. :slight_smile:

Me too! I think “adlib” cooking is the way to be! :slight_smile:

Iron Chef is pretty cool but jeez, I’ve been watching it for like two years and have only seen a competitor win ONE bloody time! Give me a break!

Good Eats is still the best cooking show though. It’s not even really a “cooking” show per se. Try it out, I think you’d really enjoy it. It’s quite amusing. I usually catch it on Wednesdays at 8-8:30 p.m. CST (after Enterprise) on the food network.

ok… will do.

Hey Jubba - have you gotten to Shoreside Vale yet? I’m in the middle of Staunton Island, but that’s when we got our internet reconnected so I havn’t played it much.:slight_smile: Have you played THPS3?

In my spare, non-Flash time, I like to play the ukelele, look at pr0n, collect useless things (like My Little Pony), and if there is time left, I take people’s souls.

…also, one of the things above is not true.

oh god…i hope its the collecting useless things…


Drawing( both traditional and digital). Modeling and animating in 3ds max. crosshatching programs, MIXWAVER(<- hardest and funest music game ever made). Dang…now that i think about it all of my life revolves around designing in some way…i cant seem to ever stop thinking about it. Lately ive been looking at nature for inspiration.