Time Management?

Where does everyone get enough time to do all this Flash work and pixel people etc? I’m so far behind in uni that I shouldn’t even think about posting on kirupaforums…I’ve put off doing my avatar and footer just cause I have no time for this…

I’m in a ****ty mood :frowning: but our cricket team just made 359 in the World Cup final…go Aussies…thumbs up

now my post will wither and die and no one will see it…

I know what your talking about.

I don’t have time to do ****

it’s really frustrating because you have Flash and see what its capable of producing so it spurs you on to learn more but maybe when I’m an unemployed bum I will find time…wait I’m already unemployed but I’m a student…there’s my excuse…

We all have the same amount of time,its about how we manage it. You will be surprised on how much time you waste everday.

I do my best thinking in the shower,then I react to my thoughts,bam,done.


school holiday!!! :slight_smile:

Well I Do know how to do it but I don’t have time

stupid Xool

i work on projects while i am trolling the board

well, I’ve got free time from 3 till 10 pm after school, and I spend it in Kirupa and elsethere on internet.

what am I talking about?

Well, going to school and finding time to Flash is tough - especially when you have big tests and such to study for. I try to wake up extremely early ~4:30; so I get enough time to finish any extra homework and spend some time updating some remote portion of the site.

Spring break now though =)

Kirupa :bandit:

well i was outta school sick for a week so that kinda put me behind in there but ahead here. so it will all pay out…but usually i come home do what homework i didnt do in study hall, then do computer. if i have to study then i do that while i am here. donno it just works for me.

With work, a girlfriend, basketball, soon to be baseball, friends and family - it’s hard to find time to yourself. But you just have to look harder. Joey was right - you would be surprised how much time you waste if you arent carefull

This thread just reminded me I used flash for ages.