Sup guys

just wanted to know what you guys are up to now and around.

Trying hard to fail my exams. I’m doing a pretty good job right now: I just watched the football (Auxerre lost :(), I’m on the Internet right now, also working on some Flash thing, it’s 5 am and tomorrow I’ll play tennis with my friends.

pom :cowboy:

well im not doing alot, trying to develop my flash site, and im just chilling out etc, relaxing from work… just here=)

Im trying to figure out how to structure my Flash site so i wont have to relearn it if i update it lol (ive done that) =0) lol

Oh my god! It’s thoriphes, the long lost Actionscript god that I used to know way back when, so how you been? You start using Flash or any other web program/language again?

Hey thoripes, I don’t know you, but I will ask anyways…

How have you been? I believe it has a been a while since you were last around.

life is good albeit the royal pain of college. i tried “slacking off” if you will which is quite natural in my mind in college and it got me about 2 failing exams grades. haven’t been flashing lately but have gotten the opportunity to watch other people flash :). the parties here are great and fun. i’ve got so much stuff to do around here that i really don’t have time to sit down and express my artistic fansies, if i have any at all, in flash. anyway, till next time, later.

thor!! one of the originals!!! where have u beeeennnnnn???

yeah welcome back Thor. College life is great isnt it? lol good luck with your work, and keep your grades up…last year first semester I got a 1.8, then a 2.8 right after it. So I have to supergood this year…and the next, and the next, and the next…