Best & Worst Things About Your Country

Well My friend came back from UK few days ago, has mixed feelings about the country…guess he got sick after eating an egg…they say it carries some disease…dunno ([size=1][color=dimgray]psymiline something?:-s[/color][/size]) …anyway i was with him today and heard him whining about all that and still simply in love with few things about UK…so it was confusing to me…as i am also going to migrate to UK in a couple of months now, so i was listening carefully…then in a mix of things i thought about starting a thread like this, anything on the face of the earth is’nt perfect, so lets share what you like and dislike about your countries, it’d give the viewers more knowledge about rest of the world which he/she may visit or not in his lifetime.

I hope this thread is not counted as spam and gets good support, also i wud’nt like to be moved to Ordered, coz for me Ordered=boring, serious discussion, for those who know me personally knows that i am way off from that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks =)

Here’s the format

**[color=darkorange]Country[/color] - **[color=darkgreen]India[/color]

> Unity and Diversity.
> Royal Bangal Tigers.
> Cricket.
> FREEDOM of everything ([size=1][color=gray]Almost [/color][/size]:P)
> Right to Vote ([size=1][color=gray] ye thats another story that on one side its devil and on the other satan :P[/color][/size])
> Beautiful Girls. :love:
> Kamasutra ([size=1][color=gray]Been studying that for a long time now :stuck_out_tongue: heheh kidding[/color][/size])
> Natural Resources ([size=1][color=gray]hate the misuse of it though[/color][/size])
> OMG how can i forget >>>> F O O D

Guess i will add more as stuff comes up in my mind


> CORRUPT POLLUTITIONS ( [size=1][color=gray]i meant POLITICIANS lol[/color][/size])
> Corruption in General, every government dept, even police!!
> Gap Between Rich and Poor.
> Pollution ( [size=1][color=gray]u name the kind, we have it !![/color][/size])
> How we suck at olympics :frowning:

List goes on…

Your Turn Now =)

I’m not hardcore US of A, so I’ll let others take care of it, but.

>Women, nothing better.
>Internet, internet cafes everywhere!
>Communism, if you’re rich, you stay rich.
>Education, out of process of elimination, we got the smartest of the smartest.
>Transportation, bicycling is fun, and you can go anywhere with a bike.
>Food, PeKing Duck & rice.
>Value, everything’s super cheap compared to US of A.
>History, we got it, and you don’t.
>Sports, we don’t lose at ping pong.
>Population, we can rule the world.
>Corruption, if you’re rich, it’s all good.

>Internet, not in evey househood.
>Technology, still got some catching up to do.
>Communism, if you’re poor, you stay poor.
>Pollution, same as India, possibly worse.
>Overpopulation, duh.
>Education, failure is not an option.
>Safety, you get robbed easily.
>Corruption, if you’re poor, sucks to be you.

//When did we shrink the footer size? Mine was fine for over 6 months. :frowning:

ok… :slight_smile:

Costa Rica (Central America)


-It´s safe
-More than half of the population drinks beer :pleased:
-the people is very gentle (in general)
-Everyone has a chance for education
-We love soccer (the best sport in the world)
-Our weather is one of the best in the world
-We produce great coffee
-Tourism is increasing every year
-Natural Resources
-We dont have an army :slight_smile:


-More than half of the population drinks beer :stuck_out_tongue:
-Corruption (but this one happens in all the country´s)
-Monopoly in telecomunications
-Our streets suck

I cant remember more for the moment :slight_smile:



  • Strong and proud culture (kinda)
  • Diversity (you can get anything here)
  • 99% literacy rate (compared to, oh others glances south of the border)
  • Fair laws
  • Stronger beer
  • Generally friendly people.
  • Hockey!
  • Rich in resources
  • Rising economy
  • We’re big!
  • We’re safe!
  • The Music!
  • The weather


  • The weather
  • The Music!
  • The movies (we make some of the worst :trout:!)
  • Pathetic excuse for a military (We have the stuff the US and UK ousted in favour of new stuff)
  • Horredously slow polical process (it takes FOREVER to get anything done here, if ever)
  • Our generally noisy obnoxious neighbours southward
  • The hippies.
  • Political Correctness & uptightness enmass
  • (I’m forgetting something)

//Jaz, you forgot food as a highlight of india. /me loves curries :pleased: EDIT: oh no, you remebered

Paypal not supported
Low salaries (including web design)
Uneducated in the computer-area
etc etc…

Safe & Boring

ENGLAND (specifically London)


cultural diversity
wealth of museums, galleries, architecture
level of business opportunity


3rd world public transport
overstretched hospitals
welfare state
LAZY people (see welfare state)
political correctness which sweeps all before us
general decline in moral standards (too many slutty drunken women)
Taxation that bleeds us dry
Lack of public facilities
Lack of sense of community

give it a few years and im gone… THE COMMIES ARE COMING!!! its true, we have turned into the most liberal idiots. we bend over backwards for our lower classes and asylum seekers and get shafted up the arse…

peace out

I’m assuming you are refering to “the middle of nowhere” as stated in your location?


-great mixture of cultures and climates (it would suit anyone to live here)

-our government licking the arse of USA.



  • Higher standard of living (not the best, but it could be much worse)
  • Freedom of Speech (getting people to hear you is a different story)
  • Subsidized Gasoline (much cheaper than it would be otherwise)
  • Cultural Diversity (many different walks of life)
  • the 2nd Ammendment (the best defense against Tyranny is a well-armed populus)
  • California Women ::hubba hubba::


  • Out of control Big Government
  • Corrupt Politicians
  • Tightly controlled Media Outlets (read: censorship)
  • the Hypocracy of our Leaders
  • the Class System
  • Blind Patriotism
  • Our Nations True History (Native American genocide, War for Profit)
  • Conditioned Mass Apathy


ofcourse everyone says the woman. so i have to say. aussie chicks rocks my socks
SPORT!! we totally rock at sport. :slight_smile:
Aussie rules football (i guess it comes under sport)
Four and twenty Pies. soooooo nice.
music - there are some great aussie bands out there at the moment.
melbourne - most livable city in the WORLD!! and font you forget it.
road system is good (except in sydney)
very big cultural diffferences all the people of the rainbow
we are practically the safest country in the world (note nothing ever happens in disaster movies to us :smiley: )

dislikes -
not enough big bands/artists come to tour over here.
exchange rates between US and Australia
road system in sydney

oh I also dislike and hate the term “3rd world” (most stupid thing ever!)


1.Freedom, being able to protest people of power w/o getting you head cut off…
2.Food, I mean how can you beat the melting pot of all cultures food, you can get food from china and walk across the street and get food from mexico or go down a block and get Itialian… Its the best.
3.Women, NO contest at all…
4. Cars - I love cars that run on GAS, and can pull 150 without a problem.
5. Oppertunity, you can go from broke to having brokers in america!

1.Politics, man the united states is crazy in that sense.
2. laws, I want an autoban, legalized marjuanna and an 18 year old drinking age.
3.People, some people in America are huge dicks, I mean honstly, look at Japan, everyone seems freindly. You mess with them, they just laugh…
4. Not much else…

Canada…some additions for Coppertop’s post


  • the amazing environment all around the country come the Stanley Cup playoffs
  • beautiful women, we got them from every ethnicity you can think of
  • our open laws towards marriage and drugs
  • free medicare


  • growing violence in big cities
  • the Canadian dollar
  • high taxes


. The people (Friendliest in the world, seriously)
. Nightlife
. The fringe festival (For Edinburgh inhabitants only)
. The scenery (Beautiful, beats New Zealand hands down)
. History (William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and John Logie Baird (tv inventor))

. Diversity (I love that in Edinburgh I hear accents from all over the world every day, no matter the time of year)

. New Year (When we party, we party :party: )

. Weather (can be bad)

. Religion (Bigotry is rampant in Scotland, especially Glasgow. Being a Rangers fan who has Celtic fans in my family it sickens me the attitude of some to one another and not even because of football but because of religion :frowning: )

.Our image (I hate the tartan, shortbread, mean with money picture the world has painted of us. I’ve been in England this week and I’ve had to smile while people ask me why am I cold, am I not from Scotland, that they’ve tried Haggis or ordering beer from a bar to be asked “Shouldn’t you be drinking whisky”)

. Our hatred of England (They’re not that bad really)

. Our football team (3-0 Hungary beat us…Hungary!!!)


The Red Hot Chili Peppers play here occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:
No hurricanes
Generally quite well off
Our sense of humour

The football team is crap :-/
Our leader is George Bush’s homosexual lover

level of business opportunity
one of the reason i will be there soon but Is’tn it boring that markets(stores etc) opens up at 9 am and closes down at 5 pm…we are having 24 hrs or no limit closing time or opening time here in delhi from next month or so…I have also heard weekly holidays are friday saturday and sunday? is it true?

I have been there and women do look nice (little on lighter side as compared to uk women :P), no doubt about it, love the cars myself, music, hollywood…come on how can u guys miss that :stuck_out_tongue:

Kung Fu, Jackie chan, Bruce lee, u forgot chinese food…or ur sick n tired of it?:stuck_out_tongue:

Costa Rica
Girls, YES!!

Been there too BIG & safe, Definatly!

The people (Friendliest in the world, seriously) Totally Agree, i met few irish ppl too…very friendly.
Scotch whisky, u forgot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

6 countries till now, do we have more on KF?



[]French Fries
]Rich country
[]Social Services
]Medical Services
]Group94 :love:
[/list] BAD:

[]Marc Dutroux
]Wim and Yoko
]High taxes
[*]Speed of streetworkers

Vo, who are these names you mention? I’ve seeen Group94’s stuff, assuming you mean the web design firm.

Yeah, Group94 is one of the major belgian webdesign companies. And they work a few blocks away from here, and they’re just cool people :love:

Marc Dutroux is a Belgian who took children with him, put them in his basement, raped them, let them die of starvation or murdered them. Wim Durdin and Yoko Maesen took their child to the park, tried to break it’s neck, stabbed it with a knife and buried it in the park. They just went home and watched Big Brother for the rest of the evening. And Gellingen is the place where the gas blast recently occured.

Costa Rica
Girls, YES!!


lol, yes our beaches are nice too! :smiley: nice to know someone from the forum visit us :wink:

<< it says allover for nothing u know :stuck_out_tongue:

England and most of europe is left in my list, i have travelled allover…mostly anyway and i dont know if any of ur gona believe that i just HATE travelling.