Big photoshop

hey, just wanted opinions on this.(sorry about the pic and file size)

it’s okay…too much of the filter effects are obvious…

yeah i don’t see anything special about it either. seems like a
real beginner’s work TBH, sorry.

yeah, just messing around. sorry to waste your time

well it wasn’t to put you down! just to tell what i really think. no
harm, I promise. :slight_smile:

you didn’t waste any of my time, or I wouldn’t have even looked.
Don’t get offended.

Replode… although the filters are really obvious and all it looks pretty cool… I like it… I mean, it definately shows some potential

i really like what you’ve done, except for 2 things, i think…

the first is, i think you used a lens flare somewhere because i can see two circle things at the bottom, and they don’t really fit in imo.

secondly, i think those circles on the building look kinda dodgy… the building itself looks cool with the contrast of dark and light areas, it’s just those circles :sigh:

anyway, keep working on it, because that’s the only way to improve. And i don’t think it looks that bad anyway


i would just take out the circle things, forget what filter that is at the moment…

thought it looked cool tho, maybe add a reflecton to the windows of something coming…ha!

I like it! I little too much filter effects but I like it!

wow, thanks to everyone for the comments, they really helped me find out what looks good and what looks bad. i will try to work some more on it today.:slight_smile:

i dont htink it looks TOO bad, but not hte best either

Man, ok it’s fun to play around with photoshop… =P