Looking for input ........that can get reaaaaaaaaaaaalllll dirty, hehe

any input is good input

all PS

is a resolution of 200 waaaay too much for a graphic this size?

Cool. :cool:

The first one looks cleaner, the second a bit more… er… mechanical? Think that’s the word I’m looking for.

How did you make it? I know Photoshop, before anyone decides to get clever, but what did you do exactly…?

My guess is a sh*tload of selection filling, and those blocks are kinda built in, in photoshop.

But it looks cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now why won’t anyone reply to my image…??

In drawing and design??

eilsoe, post the link
id like to see your work

kitiara, eilsoe is right, they are KINDA built in PS

filter>render>3d transform

any comments about the resolution question up top?

Yeah, but even though they’re built in, the thing is the know how to use’em… therefore i think the pics you posted are excellent. :slight_smile:

Link: http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7001

Yes, the first one is much better than the second, but they are both great:)


where exactly in New York are you located? I go to school in Binghamton…

Whoa! thats so cool! I love this graphics.

My art is way too simple. (stick figure) hehe =)

eh, jubba i live in queens
i know binghamton, i think im kinda close actually

i went to school in jersey (fairleigh dickinson university) and gradutaed in may

ive been lookin for a job in new york city since i graduated and every place tells me the same thing:

weve had a bad year…we love your portfolio, but arent hiring right now…**** man… I NEED A J.O.B.!!!

I’m in Brewster… 3 hours south of Binghamton and 1 hour North of Queens.

Hail fellow New Yorkers… Citizens of the true capital of America.

oh… and I’m looking for work too. :slight_smile: Luckily I have a job… I just hate it… it has nothing to do with Flash at all.

I need a job, I don’t have one:(

I need one that involved human interaction though, I don’t want to be a computer zombie :evil:

eh… human interaction is overrated.

lol, human interaction with people around here is pretty much your own suicide mission :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it funny when they can not be looking and bump into you, yet it is all your fault and they want to kick your arse. But whatever, their stupid, i’m not, that is all that matters to me…haha :slight_smile:

first one! unless your going for the dark slightly morbidish look…i mean the design is cool but the first one is refreshing and the second is not so refreshing (-: