Bit-101, i looked at your lab,[SIZE=3]THE BEST STUFF I HAVE EVER SEEN[/SIZE]

with all do respect sir,

your humble fan

I taught him everything, honnest. I don’t know where the poor fella would be without me…

Actually, the whole node garder thing totally freaked me out. But there’s already a best of on his forum, I’m not gonna do it again…

pom :cowboy:

That whole creature thing was THE single most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in flash… :slight_smile:

I’d love to see Bit make some 2d physics engine with all the works…! :P:P

thank you thank you. blows kisses i’d like to thank the academy…

actually, ilyas is right. the truth is he writes all my code. i keep him supplied with chicken.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: As if I needed extra chicken… [SIZE=1]Guess what I’ve just eaten[/SIZE]

Ya I spent a good hour or two playing with the things on your site. There is some crazy AS going on and I love it.=)

I visit the site and forums everyday just to see what you have new (have been for the longest time, I still remember your last version… with the links hidden under the panels and I kept accidently clicking them).

Mmmm… really makes me think I should sign up for your forum :slight_smile:

i wanted to also, i just signed up for BB’s but i really dont like them. I guess i have gotten SO used to the people here that it would be hard to do both. If somebody from here goes over and does both here and Bit-101’s i will too i guess. Cause pom is over there, and dan is over at BB’s so maybe i will start posting on both! I don’t yet know. I stll think that it is amasing that Bit-101 has only known AS for 2 years! it seems like he has been doing it for like all his life! Hell, it seems like he made the script!8] :crazy:


i regularly post on several forums. i really hate it when there is all kinds of competition like “our board is better than your board!”

i mean, my board IS the best, but other than that, they are all cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking that i would go over to bit-101’s forum too. I signed up over at BB’s, but the people are just so different. I find them to be not as friendly. I really like the people and stuff over here, also just the look of this fourm is nice! No offense BB or Bit, but your forums are very flashy and kind of hard on the eyes. I would consider posting if more people from here were over there. But right now its only two people that i know, Dan and Pom on both of them. So i am still decideing. I suppose i should because there are some VERY talented people in both fourms. But its a big change cause i wont know anybody, then posting on both boards. So it has its ups and downs. in the long run i should. Its just i have so little time to even post here, nevermind on 3 boards!

-my two cents-


It said i couldnt post again in 30 seconds or sothening, so i re-wrote the first one, and it turns out it posted it, so now i am pissed. but they were both good!:beam:

I think I’ll just stick to this one forum… :slight_smile:

I already know a bunch of people here :stuck_out_tongue:

PLUS… people know ME :P:P

I signed up at Bit-101. I mean… I read the posts there all the time… I figured why shouldn’t I finally participate in posts?

I read the BB forums a lot too, but I don’t think I am going to sign up there… there seems to be an argument of some sort within every thread… to me that is annoying.

Bit and Kirupa are good enough for me (and the best :P)

Hey bit, Contact me id really like to work with you on something colaborative.

I would really like to see that :beam:

ok i really hate BB fourm, its all suck ups!