Yes I need to bitch

Is it just my imagination or has there been a flood of really, really annoying people posting. I just realized that there have been a few people the last couple of days that have just made me want to reach through the computer and *****-slap them. I was just curious if anyone noticed this too…That guy that called you all retards because you didn’t know about Brinkster, and then he asked for the Flash 4 serial number! And the one that was trying to get Pom to make the site for them. ahhhhhh well…I lost faith in humanity long ago…This just adds evidence to my argument that I was right to do so.

5hu+ ^ d00d r u @ nubi!!!111!!/?

lol…no just annoyed with my finals and stressed a little and looking for a way to vent…

let it all out brother! we’re all here for ya :slight_smile: and on another note I must say I really like Live’s website!

Tell me live, I looked and saw that tripod offers php and sql, I’m just wondering whether you think they could take a bb board or because it’s free my message board might suffer?

Simon I just looked thru Outlook Express and I have 51 e-mails from you! lol! And thats not counting the e-mails that you sent before my computer crashed on me. I have 96 total from people just having questions about Flash and 51 other e-mails from you! All in the last month or so…Just thought that was funny…

Yes Jubs - there have been some posts that are beyond the naivete of clueless n00bs! Arrgh! I’m so tempted to hit the reply button and layeth the smack down… but I really can’t because it isn’t my turn to be the heinous ***** - it’s usually Phil’s shift.

jub! you made me lol bigtime!! I think I deserve a ****in medal for the mail total :wink: I’m smiling as I write this :slight_smile:
what can I say, I just like chattin to decent folk…

also I know have 3 swear words I know that work on the board.

Phil is being the creepy drunk on the corner, so I think the Heinous ***** spot is open…:wink:

Be nice all of you. Of course there will always be those frustrating times… both with study, and here on this board… just remember that ignorance of a subject is not the fault of the questioner… no matter what you’re feeling like on any particular day. We’ve all been ignorant at one time or another and the reason that people come here as opposed to elsewhere is that we are not condescending or insulting when we’re asked those questions.

Bless you all for being patient :slight_smile:

Tell me live, I looked and saw that tripod offers php and sql, I’m just wondering whether you think they could take a bb board or because it’s free my message board might suffer? ** Lobstars**

Y’mean a home-made one?

Hmm… Good question. I’ve never tried, but I’d imagine the only side effect is that it’d throw ads in to it, but if you make them pop-up ads it won’t disrupt your layout and will just be annoying. So, yes. It should work.

It wasn’t the ignorance of people who didn’t know what they are doing, it was the stupidity in which they conveyed themselves. I understand that some people don’t understand certain things, but to ask for a serial # and call some of you retards for not knowing about brinkster is a little rude and arrogant and stupid in my opinion. I am more than willing to help people who are curtious and nice and patient, however once someone starts to annoy me, I refuse to pay attention to that person at all…its just one of the things that bothers me above all…

First of all, I made it clear Renni that we would share the heinous ***** position. (Intermittent weeks. this is your week, till sunday. Then its my turn again.)

Second of all, whats the address to your site Live, I wanna check it out.

Third of all; Jubba, you should be careful, you don’t know that isn’t a picture of me, do you? You don’t want to put yourself in the position of saying; Hey whats with that creepy ugly ass picture Phil, and then find out it’s really me, do ya?

4th of all Jubba, did you ever get to go to the Federal Bank and get tha money for a new computer? ar ar Doh!


Phil, like i said before, if that is you then I’m sorry but you are one creepy lookin *****. But its not you. And no, I didn’t beat the old people for their money.

Pfft. Phil thinks he’s too cool to check out the “Site Check” forum.

<a href = “”></a>

You’ve seen it before and the only changes have been small things based on suggestions.

One thing I want to ask - I don’t really like the “Settings” menu thingy majigy a bob’s set-up - especially the “Brightness” one. It’s kind of ugly, in my opinion. How do you people think it should look?

Oh, and Phil - where’d you find that picture of me?

That site is really cool with a lot of neat features. How long has it been in browser form cause I haven’t seen this site before. Great idea! :lol: I like the brightness/alpha command, thats a first and, hell let the people look at the screen however freaky they want to. You never know, someone might be in a dark basement somewhere, locked up because of their offensive facial features, where there is no light other than the computer screen they have been given and they might appreciatte this function.

And too cool to check the site check? Comeon, of course I am! :rollin:

Nice site Live, good work!

Well Jubba… I’m all with you on that one. If someone asks for a serial number here… I have no sympathy… anything you say to them, I’ll have your back. The retard comment was just a final straw with me.

** Mr. “I’m too cool to check the Site Check forum”:**


I’m pretty sure you saw it before and commented on it. I’ve decided to find the post where you stated your opinion last time just to rub it in your vertically cross-eyed face.

Just wait a minute and you’ll be thoroughly mocked, I assure you.

<a href = “”>ha-HA!</a>

… Oh, wait. You never posted in that thread.

… jerk.

Ya, right!
Im waiting bud!


Ha! Beat you to it.