thirteen: rate it

If you could be so kind, would you mind ranking the design at the link above?

10 is high, 1 is low

Is this instead of the nice priesty themed one? :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

No, absolutely not.

This is - my homepage, my personal site, the site I send to clients in order to see my work, my resume, etc. is a completely different entity, and is an endeavor that I’m working on with a programmer, that will be a long-time in the running.

I’ve noticed I’ve not been updating my current site at - and it’s because the way I set up the site is insanely difficult to update. More details in the thread I linked to above.


Ahh I understand :slight_smile: Good because I like brandbishop

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Can we have a working example to play with before we vote? :wink:

hmmm it is basic but to me it lacks something although I dnt know what. I judged a lil harder since I have seen some of your past works. I gave it a average.

Well, I can’t deny it’s very simple - especially compared to some of my other work. That was a purposeful thing. If it’s unsuccessful, then that’s my big worry.


I really like it… but then I like your old site too… I love the way this new one looks… but for me… its success will be how well it moves. for such an understated site… you’ve got to have good, smooth mooovements :slight_smile:

In a few moments, I’ll be posting just the initial work I’ve done, so you can see how the animation’s going to come in.


cool… but it’ll have to wait til tomorrow… cos I’m going for sleepies… or maybe a film… I havent decided yet :wink:

Aye, I wanted to go see a movie tonight, but my wife wanted to stay home and play Animal Crossing :wink:

Anyway, the file is linked at the bottom of this post, since it won’t let me upload it for some crazy reason (invalid GIF or JPG file).


Or, there are the options of:




I like the faster one

definitely the fast one is best, now if you could try making the text bigger it would be great im at 1024x768 and **** bro i can barely read the words i dont wanna imagine how small it looks on a higher rez, oh and maybe the arrows you could use the yellow you used in the images and maybe alpha fade them according to what section they will be in sorta something like this, in the image you have identity, landing gear, business card well you could use a alpha fade of -20 on the identity, -10 on teh landing gear and on business cards just leave it at 100% should give it a nice touch :wink: cant wait o see it finished bro

the first one is my favorite. but i am with grim for a bigger text size. i cant read it on the bottom at all. and the menu is too small. i have the same problem on your old site too

the reason you cant read it - is because the swf is resizing according to how big your window is - bluetuna needs to embed it in an html file.

I like the fast one, the bouncy one is really cool though (increase the speed a little bit)

I’d like to see how the transitions work when you click one of those links :wink:

So now you can get a really good feel for how the menus are going to work and move together :slight_smile:

Sound included :wink:


pretty sweet a pixel font would be off the hook for this one

aye, it would be, however, all sites like this use a pixel font, and because of that I’m not allowed.

Union rules :wink:


i read it fine on 1200*1024.