Blue Rabbit Forever Collab

Five good FBF flash artists (show me your FBF if you want to be in the collab), can make FBFs that have the four characters as a tribute to ANOTHER DAY. I know this is about the SFB, but they dont have a forum, and I dont have a batting average on NG.

Flash MX 2004 or 8
FLA must not be over 16 megs
24 FPS
Wacom Pad (Optional)
NG Account (Optional)

send FLA to [email protected] or post it on your site and I can download it.

The 4 artists whos FBF is the best drawn, best animated, best music, and best overall. Whoever doesnt fit in any of these, I will still credit you.

Post here or PM me for a secure slot. I will PM you if you will be able to do it.


1 J-Dizzle (Legendaryfrog Forum)
2 Kristoff (Legendaryfrog Forum)
3 -Open-
4 -Open-
5 -Open-

Your part is due in March 2007.