Blurry text

Can anyone help me with the text problem? My text became jagged after using the dynamic option why ?

Hey Silver,
Your text becomes jagged because antialiasing is usually turned off when you select Dynamic Text. If you don’t want that to happen, you will eventually have to resort to static text that will become blurry when viewed at medium font sizes (8,10,12-14 pt). You could try changing the font for your dynamic text and removing any formatting such as bold.

Hi Kirupa,

Thanks for ur help but i still cannot make the text smooth or clear.

Is there any other ways?

Please any one please help…

Sadly Yours

send me the .fla and i will fix it for you and tell you what you did wrong:

<a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a>

I sent it over to you hope u got it.



I myself simply deselect everything reselect tha text box that contains the blurry text and go to either view or insert or something like that one of those menu’s at tha top and select Anti-Alias works fine for me

i cheat =]

import EVERYTHING j/j

i usually import blurry crap… its usually a huge file size… but hey =] u can import everythign u have… trace bitmap for just about all of it and leave your text as images… might still be small… this is all assuming you can use photoshop to blur stuff…