Body art

who here has body of art of some kind? piercings (minus your ear, cause, thats not unique. bwhaa), tattoos, or something… like, uh where they burn your skin?

im a blank canvas, for now once i get a new job, im getting my brow pierced (dont ask, long story) and then when im older im gonna get 1 tattoo, and that’s all.

how bout yourself?

I’m blank right now, but I am planning on 3 tattoos. Japanese symbols on my shoulder blade. Some type of dragon on my calf-muscle and somethng on my deltoid, probably a celtic symbol or something to that nature…

i dunno what kind of tattoo i want. you know the tatoo eminem has around his wrist? the black … kinda barbed wire deal… thats what i want around my arm… at the top… but I need muscles first… haha

I have 47 piercings and 18 tattoos.

Oh wait… no I don’t :wink: I am a blank canvas, I will never get a tattoo because they just fade and I have seen what they look like when you age. Your skin gets wrinkly and the only way you can see the tattoo clearly is to stretch your skin out, it is flat out nasty. I do want my tongue pierced though. I wanted my lower lip pierced, but then I found out that hole doesn’t close and I was like… ehhhhh. I don’t want to be eating mushed corn when I am old and have it shoot out my lip hole… gross. So all I want is my tongue pierced.

lol. go to a gym. eat right. excersize. You can get big fast. I jumped up 20 pounds in about 4 weeks. from 160-180. I’m almost to my goal of being 200 even…

you have a wild imagination Shane. lol

i know i know. but the way i look at it, im 17. the only 17 year olds that have a good body are those idiots in b2k. but thats cause they have money. im gonna eat and eat, and then i will gain my muscle by 20. then i will have money to pay for a personal trainer. cause i wont have a clue what im doing, and i dont have the motiviation.

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you have a wild imagination Shane. lol

Well With the tattoo and getting old, that was shown to me by someone I know. He told me that I should never get a tattoo. When I asked why, he showed me all his tattoos, they were shriveled up and faded. It completely changed my mind on getting one.

And well… the lip hole thing… ITS TRUE!!! :wink:

I am turning 20 in two months. I never had the motivation either, but then I started going to the gym regularly with my roommate last semester and just the feeling you get when you walk out of the gym is go great. That feeling of how your muscles won’t work anymore but at the same time the endorphines are running thru your system and everything feels so good. Getting into a schedule is the hardest part tho. Finding something that works for you.

Last semester my roommate and I had to go at 6 am. We would wake up at 5:50 get up and go to the gym. Work out for an hour then come back shower and go to class. I have asthma so I can’t really do extensice cardiovascular work so we usually just did weight training… biceps, triceps, pecks, deltoids… You can find really good workout routines online in certain places. I would never pay for a personal trainer unless it was a gorgeous woman in spandex shorts. :slight_smile:

meh. but who really cares. just marry a woman with tatoos, and you will have nothing to be embarassed about when you turn 105.

you know?
and i didnt know about the lip thing. do you mean the Labret? my friend has that, he didnt say anything about that. But who gives a crap? lol.meh.

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** gorgeous woman in spandex shorts. :slight_smile: **

sorry, everything went right over my head when you said that.

Oh, and Shane. I don’t think I have to worry about that. I don’t ever being old and shrivelled. If I do get old then I will be in good shape because I try to take care of myself, and if I am old and shrivelled then I will just have to kill myself… :slight_smile: Actually all the tattoos I plan on getting are in places that are easily covered by clothing. So no worries… Out of site, out of mind…

It is better to get them out of site anyways because if they are visible all the time that isn’t very professional and you will find yourself having trouble getting a more decent job later on in life.

A very good friend of mine went through rehab 5 times before it took… Now he has so many tattoos, over most of his arms, that they run together, and few make any sense…

Another good friend has full sleeves done in Japanese Water scenes. He now wears long sleeve shirts, and doesn’t show them to anyone…

needless to say, the only marks on my body are due to my lack of grace. that and Ketel One Vodka…


yeha, even McDonalds gives you problems if you have a lot of tattoos… and they hire anybody…

but its funny, i work at a grocery store… and the girls arent even allowed wearing nail polish, but this meat guy has tatoos up the wazoo.
friggen weird.

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**meat guy has tatoos up the wazoo. **

That must be a very sensitive spot to get a tattoo…

you’d have to ask him (-:

I have a few tatoos but I had the sense to get them in areas that will be covered when it is time to get a job (chest and shoulder). I keep myself in excellent shape so I have no fear of the shrivel factor. I am still holding out for the call from the NBA. So I lift run and play hoop. One day I could be leaving work and Mark Cuban may come to me and be like: “your name nathan welll get in we need you for the playoffs.” Tats are cool just dont get dumb stuff in dumb areas! and dont get drunk by tatoo parlors.!!!

I have a small heart with wings on my lower back (It’s probably about an inch and a half wide). I have never regretted it.

What tatoos and piercing do we have eh…no comment :x