Borderless window problems!

Ive been following the tutorial on how to create a borderless window, but i just cant get it to work.
Ive pasted the
code into the Url space i the get URL action i have applied to flash button which links to the page that i want to open in the borderless window.
Ive also pasted the long Javascript codeinto the html page which i want to be borderless (I pasted this in between the <head> and </head> part of the html).
I downloaded the chromless.js file, and renamed the cU, cO, cS parts of the code to match the file names of the images i wanted these to be.
I cant see what it is ive done wrong.
Everytime i click the button to link to the page, i get an error message.
I would be greatfull if anyone could let me know what it is i am doing wrong.


What does the Error Message say?