Breath of fresh air - Mist effect

Hi =)

What a place to be. I was getting so frustrated searching the www earlier and suddenly I fell upon [COLOR=darkblue]kirupa[/COLOR] and I stoped gasping for air. Bless those who make this site what it is and the founder/s. My learning experience is going to be a lot more rewarding now and fun.

Talking about air. I have this idea. Being new and all that I am thinking of using a motion guide to try and make this realistic effect with a feather graphic and use an alpha mist to create a breeze. I want to bring nature into my swf.'s, bit of wind, earth, fire and water.

Has anyone got any ideas, or could anyone point me in the direction of learning ActionScript for this if needed to create a great effect. The breeze, like a see through mist interests me too, for it to blow the feather up off a surface…what’s the best way to do this?