Hi all, i am thinking of getting broadband with they offer a modem for £44.99 but i don’t know which modem it is.

Can anyone recommend a ADSL modem for the PC???

Also i’m looking at getting a wirless connection for the broadband so i can use my laptop anywhere in the house, I have been looking at the U.S. Robotics USR9106 54Mbps ADSL Wireless Router, does anyone know if this is any good??? and does anyone recommend a good wireless connector???

Im gonna get Broadband also in the next week.

I use wireless that is half the strength of thta and its alittle annoying when ya need to wait to connect to the wireless router in order to access the internet

I’ve been looking for a broadband deal and was a bit p****ed off with Wanadoo (my ISP at the moment) and BT’s broadband deals because they were limited access. I don’t really like AOL cause I knew someone who had it before only to have bad experiences but this one looks like a good deal.

Although I’m skeptical cause they don’t mention limited access, even to say they don’t have it. Be careful…NTL promised unlimited access, got a whole bunch of people to sign up only to then turn round and introduce limit’s…now NTL and a bunch of angry people are heading to the courts

At its £21.99 for unlimited bandwith on 512K (£14.99 package with the premium upgrade). I know a few people with them and they said they are the best around.

hmmmm…yeah I think I’ll be ordering this soon, thanks for the info :beer:

nice one, i think i might be too soon. Do u recommend any adsl modem cos i ned to get one.

nope, I’m the wrong person to ask about hardware…sorry

ok RabBell, cheers anyway.

Id go with NTL, ive had it for a few weeks (previously on wanadoo) and ive found them to be much much better.

I got a free modem and free installation, and im only paying £9.99 for the first 4 months (£18.99 normall price)