Tell me if this wireless broadband is worth it guys :)

K here’s the downlow:

Where I live, there is no way I can get cable. It probably won’t reach for at least 5 years, if that. Secondly, there is no way I can get DSL. The phone lines around my house are sooo old and crummy that DSL won’t work. I already called both Charter (the local cable guys) and SBC (DSL guys). Both confirmed this.

So, there is a little ISP in the county that has put some satalites up on some towers. They are advertising wireless broadband for people like me with no hope of getting away from the 28.8 woes. So I need some advice on what to do. Here’s the info:

Click HERE for the picture of my county and the radius of the towers. (I live almost in the middle of the big circle right where the “57” sign is.)

Click HERE for the rates of the wireless broadband.

I think it is a little steep… but I’m truly sick of coming home for the 4 summer months and xmas break to crappy < 28.8 connections.

definately go for it if you can afford it :wink:

try to get free internet:P useing a eathernet card or something. my friend gets his internet from the school that has a T1 and his internet is amzingly fast. even for wireless

I live in a place that can’t get cable or dsl either. We have satalite through Direcway. It is like $60 per month.

We connect at about 10 mbps.

is it unlimited DL/UL?
can’t find the info.

seems cool, but pretty expensive.

Somehow I find that hard to belive…

[color=black][font=Arial]I think with satellite you can connect at that speed but your download and upload speeds are not that fast? Pulse with satellite you have bad latency I have herd.[/font][/color]

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[color=black][font=‘Times New Roman’][font=Verdana][size=2]On the subject I think you should wait for something ells it is really expensive and unreliable can you even see one of the towers? If their are trees or anything in the way you can forget about it. Not to mention other people connecting slowing you down and bad weather disconnecting you.[/size][/font][/font][/color]

the reasons why something like direcway is a bad idea for $60/month is that the uploads are still through your modem. secondly, it may be that fast once you actually ping the URL. The problem with the satelite is that it takes longer than a dial up modem to actually locate where you want to download from. once it does ping it, though, then it’s faster than cable. so it’s a give/take. (The satellite is really, really crappy for gaming - and that’s half the reason I’d like a faster connection: TO FINALLY PLAY AN ONLINE GAME FOR ONCE!)

@flash fool: I can see one of the towers. and i dont think many people are going to be purchasing it because of the fact that those who are internet savvy around here already have cable or what not, and this service is only relative to farmers who don’t even own a computer. this might explain the astronomical price…

Talk about being in a sucky situation!

The dish costs $600 outright or you can rent one for an additional $30mo on top of your service? So $65/mo for 128kb a sec? I am sure your not planning on dumping 6bills on that one perice of equipment. Oh balls!! I totally missed the $199 install feel.

Thats bogus man. Third world countries have better access than you. :lol:

Actually the download and upload speeds are fast and the browsing is slower.

I guess you will see soon :wink: