Building A Computer

I was thinking about building my own computer, since I honestly don’t have the money to buy a whole new system, I’m gonna buy it in pieces. And when I get the money, buy some more … etc.

  1. If I want a bare bones system, how much appprox. am I looking at?
  2. What are the most expensive parts (Monitor?)
  3. Can any Joe Schmoe build one?
  4. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to know where the fans and stuff go?

I was watching tech tv, and they were building one, and they said don’t do this, dont do that … and I got confused.

Try this site.

Well, bare bones is a 486. thats about $200-500 now.

*Originally posted by Coppertop *
**Well, bare bones is a 486. thats about $200-500 now. **
what are you talking about?

barebone computers are those that are made from custom parts (not made by a single manufacturer, like Compaq). if you want to get the best available prices on parts, i’d recommend swinging by

Hey, I was in the same situation as you once, do you knou much about computers? What I did was buy a book about it and that helped alot. And then Isaved up and bought the parts I needed, the most expensive parts I bought was the motherboard, surprisingly not the monitor I got it off a company that refurbished other companies computing things so I got it for £35 off eBay, just check eBay alot and only bid on items that have a day or less on them otherwise you are almost bound to to bid someone out for it. And any joe blogs can build it, as for fans have you ever heard of screw holes lol :slight_smile:

bare bones around $600-700

most expensive parts:

no not any joe schmo…

no it doesnt take a rocket scientist to do fans, it takes skill to do the processor heat sink and fan tho

why? thinking about building one?

i built one a couple weeks ago and it was pretty straightforward (ive done it before though). Follow the instructions that come with the motherboard on where to plug in everything and install the heatsink/cpu fan. For an athlon 2600+, 512 PC 2700, 128mb Radeon 9200, 120GB hd, 52x cd burner, 16x dvd, and a nice motherboard (nforce 2), it cost me 675.