Bush - Spawn of the Evil One?

Wanted to do a poll, Im sure that I’ll get some comments on this one. :c)

Dont get too rough boys :love:

I am Canadian and from my ‘outside’ opinion i simply cant BELIEVE his speeches and how he thinks it is not only HIS responsibility to ‘clean up the world’ but that he is actually succeeding in doing so. I think it quite humorous but at the same time obviously scary that he feels because Canada didnt agree to send men that we are no longer his ally.

Do people in the U.S really think he is doing good? If so, why do you think he really cares to spend his American bills on Iraq? So that he can Americanize it? So he can stick his men in there and run the country? Would that not technically be claiming a country as yours without the forceful entry? Wasnt there a forceful entry?

I know many threads are similar to this, I am mainly interested in seeing the results of the poll.

And if someone could convince me that it’s a a coincedence that the states were running out of oil…now they are in charge of the lot? ;c)

Thanks All

~~ Seretha :love: