Button help?

Hey, I made a button and copied it a bunch of times so I could use all the same looking buttons, but when I go to edit each individual button, it changes all the others as well. How do I fix it so I can edit each individual button? I’m stumped.

well when you modify one button the others change becouse inside of them you still have the same movies.You need to copy the movies inside not the button…

You have to duplicate each button in the library and then drag 'em onto the stage! The ones you duplicated are just instances of one button in the library! Open up the library and the duplicate the on in there instead. And then drag ech one onto the stage and edit them as needed!

I tried that, but maybe I made a mistake, I’ll try again

dude do like this.
You have one button right?And inside the button i presume you have a movie for the rollover and rollout.These are the ways to get individiual buttons:
1.You duplicate the movies inside the button and then customize them for each button(after you put the button on the stage you delete the old instance of the movie inside and replace it with a copy you have duplicated before).
2.You duplicate the buttons(from library offcourse) and remake them for each instance.
Example:you have a button caled home and you want to make an identical one called portofolio.
you duplicate the button home in the library and then you cutomize the duplicate to be portofolio.Easy enough.:tb:

got it, thanks for your help. very much appreciated.