Button morphing problem

thanks for reading this. :slight_smile:
let’s get straight to the problem:

what I want:
a navbar with animated buttons on rollOver that change shape if clicked and keep it 'till another button is clicked.

what I did:
created a main movie clip for the navbar. placed several movie clip buttons in the main mc. created an animation in the button movie clips (on rollOver, on rollOut) with a separate layer (it is not the buttons that are animated but the area around them).

the problem:
how do I get the button to change shape after it is pressed? Since the button layer in the button MC is the layer with the rollOver, rollOut commands, I don’t see how I could tween the button…

Since I’m new to Flash and don’t have a lot of coding experience, I just can’t come up with a good idea… :*(
any help highly appreciated!